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Air rifles


Air rifles

Pre 1939

Air rifles


Air rifles


Air pistols


Air pistols


Stock No 4471

Price: £390.00

Year: c1979

Calibre: .22



This is a prize collector’s item. This scarce air rifle is in near new condition in its original box. It is complete with a BSA number 9 scope in its original box, the scopoe itself is in near new condition but sadly one turret adjustment cover is missing. Also with a plastic tube with some BSA Pylarm pellets in it and a copy of the instruction manual. No target holder or oil bottle. The polystyrene inner tray has been slightly modified to allow the rifle to fit in with the scope fitted on. That said, there is no sign what so ever on the gun that the scope has ever been fitted although it may have been done carefully. Original open sight with its little peep hole is fitted at the back of the rifle. Cocks and shoots nice and smoothly with a little resistance on opening at around 6.5 foot pounds which which is what they would have been when new. A nice rifle for your collection. These are quite pleasant to shoot having used one. Unfortunately some one has put brown tape over the end of the rifle which goes over the label where it would have said BSA Buccaneer. This label is just about visible through the brown tape but the serial number which would have been written wunderneath is not visible. Box itself, apart from tape at both ends, is in fair condition having done its job of protecting rifle for many years.

This highly interesting item was made in Japan for an American company to commemorate the bicentenary of the American independence in 1776. We do not believe they sold that well. A large batch of them made their way to the UK where they were sold for several years by Whaleys Of North London. This example is in very good condition having recently been cleaned and dusted off. It cocks and shoots fine even the hammer mechanism now works which they do not always, sometimes they are lethargic or just dont move when you fire. It is an underlever with a pull out tube mechanism similar to a Daisy. The metalwork (some of which is actually plastic) is in good order, this is a nice collector’s item, displays well on a wall. We should also point out that the dummy flint lock mechanism does work as a safety and it locks the trigger until it is pulled back for cocking. A nice item.

Stock No CSBD220

Price: £220.00

Year:  1976

Calibre: .175bb



Stock No 4652

Price: £78.00

Year:  c1959

Calibre: .22



This early mark 1 Meteor is good condition having had a new mainspring fitted and leather piston seal, the only thing not original is the end cap which is now a plastic one rather than the metal one which would have been fitted when made and the rear sight as usual is incomplete and we replaced it with a Relum one which has been made to fit and does the job. Cocks and shoots fine at about 8 foot pounds nice and smooth.

Stock No 4655

Price: £70.00

Year:  c1970s

Calibre: .177



This nice quality East German air rifle is of junior proportions, its not one which we have particularly had a lot of before. This example is in good condition retaining most of its original somewhat dull black finish. Surface marks and scuffs to the stock, has been used but because of its solid construction it is still in good working order. Fitted with its original open sights a scope could be attached.

Stock No 4666

Price: £115.00

Year:  c1970s

Calibre: .177



This is a nice quality German made junior rifle. We have not had one of these in the shop before so it must be quite a scarce model. This example is in fair condition with some unfortunate rust pitting to the cylinder partially obscuring the Bovaria trademark on top of the cylinder. Also some rust speckling to the barrel. Would appear to be the originalopen sights fitted although it may be that the barrel has been slightly shortened as it just seems a bit short. It is wellfinished and you might not even notice if you did not read this! Its only comparing it with catalogue specifications that we think its a bit shorter. Stock is ok with some marks and scuffs and scratches and a couple of dents. Fitted with a scope ramp, little scope could be fitted, cocks and shoots fine with a nice smooth recoil, could be considered a collector’s item but ideally it would be in better condition. Measures 85cm with the barrel being 29cm long.


Price: £150.00

Year:  c1958

Calibre: .22


Mark 3 converted

Now here is something you do not see every day, thankfully! A Webley mark 3 converted to have the functionality of an HW77. The work has been competently if not brilliantly done and the result is a rifle that seems to be very under powered at only about 1.5 to 2 foot pounds but is very smooth to shoot. Fair condition, fitted with what looks to be a professionally made one piece front sight unit, we do not recognise what this might of came off of but looks quite a neat and good quality item. Also with (probably a Milbro) peep sight on the back. Some stippling to the stock obviously set up as a little target rifle but it is .22 and we got severe reservations about the cocking mechanism as the is no anti bear trap mechanism. This is therefore sold only as a collector’s item and not really for use (unless with extreme caution)  remembering to keep hold of the lever at all times when cocking and loading the gun. An engineering that someone took on, we wonder whether they were happy with the results or not.


Price: £155.00

Year:  1972-80

Calibre: 4.5bb



This semi automatic bb shooting co2 air rifle is quite a scarce item in this country (England) they were made in America in the 1970s but not for long. All markings are clear, present and correct, the rifle is in good condition, working, holding gas. Fitted with a 3-7 x 20 scope of no particular merit. A nice little light weight synthetic stock rifle, collectable but also a nice little shooting item.

Stock No 4698

Price: £275.00

Year:  c1960s

Calibre: .177 smoothbore (bb)


MODEL 3100

This is a really nicely made pump up air rifle, 100 shot tubular magazine above the barrel. Once you work out how to load bb (quite straight forward once you know how)  this air gun will shoot with just one pump and the bb comes out quite nicely more pumps will increase velocity. This example is in good condition retaining most of its original black finish with slight light wear on some of the leading edges and minimal tarnishing in hidden areas. Stock is good with light surface loss to the finish couple of minor marks. Not had a lot of use as the pump handle, for example, is crisp and sharp. An interesting item we had not had one of these before we had the normal .22 single shot pump ups but not the repeating one. Muyst be a nice collectopr’s item but actually good fun to shoot as well.






Stock No 4744

Price: £690.00

Year:  c1970

Calibre: 4.5mm X2



This rare and interesting classic collectable is ijn near new condition, apart from a couple of minor scratches having hads very little use. Ingenious design with 2 power systems next to each other which cock on a single break of the action. Shot tubes in both barrels, these are a nice collector’s item, not produced for very long (about 4 years) by the Daisy company in America.

Stock No 4763

Price: £240.00

Year:  c1950s

Calibre: .177bb



This very neat little air rifle is not a model we have encountered before, it is a multipump-up but with a little sprung loaded magazine on the side of the barrel for bbs to go in. This example is in very good condition retaining virtually all its original bluing to the cylinder with a few spots where the bluing has come off but mostly good. Stock possibly revarnished, cocks and shoots fine, there is a number  that looks to have been engraved might be a serial number or an American phone number!  It is engraved on the underside of the cylinder but not visible when the pump handle is closed. It might be an Ohio phone number!  A neat little multipump rifle which self loads on cocking the bolt back.

Stock No: 4124

Price: £74.00

Year:  c1960s

Calibre: .22



This well built Webley air rifle shoots really well at around 8 foot pounds. Condition wise its not fantastic however. No rear sight is fitted, it does instead have a Webley 4 x 15 telescopic sight. The metalwork is a bit brown and worn especially on the barrel where it has been cocked to shoot. The stock is ok with some surface marks and scratches and dents however there is damage around the front stock screws but new screws have been fitted and this seems solid and perfectly serviceable. An excellent junior rifle made of solid steel with no plastic in its construction.

Stock No 4595

Price: £170.00

Year:  c1985

Calibre: .22



This not actually not that often seen Webley air rifle is in very good condition. The metalwork retains nearly all its original deep black finish, the stock is very good with just a few very light surface marks. Original open sights are fitted, the rifle has been modified at the front end to take a half UNF silencer. This mod has been done very neatly a cap has been put over the exposed thread. Presumably the barrel has also been relieved to take the front sight so the silencer can be used with the open sights fitted. Shoots at around 8 foot pounds, these are often slightly disappointing in power but is a nicely engineered rifle which is now collectable as well as shootable.

Stock No 4758

Price: £290.00

Year:  1992

Calibre: .22



This quality German side lever air rifle is in excellent cosmetic order and superb working order. It is fitted with a Nikko Sterling 3-9x40 scope with Sportsmatch mounts, original open sights are present. This has been tuned by Vortek tuning  £118 was spent all new internals and a full tune and service we have receipts with rifle this work was done in 2017. An excellent hunting rifle.

Unfortunately there is a scratch running along the stock as we have tried to photo here. It is just above the light flash area.

Stock No  4562

Price: £120.00

Year:  c1972

Calibre: .177



This lightweight break barrel rifle is in all honesty one of Webley’s worst quality rifles! Nevertheless this example is in very good condition, it actually works properly, the safety catch still operates and the rearsight is complete. Fitted with a .177 barrel which is easily detachable and could be swapped for a .22 if you have one. In .177 its a bit lower powered, trying a .22 barrel in these always gives a bit more power.  The power level of this one being just under 8 foot pounds. Good finish to the metalwork, just minor wear on the breech barrel block where it has been cocked, a few surface marks and general scratches to the stock, we believe the horrible yellow colour varnish to be original. Its not pretty but it is pretty functional as far as these go. Now becoming collectable and not that often seen in .177, the .22 is a lot more common.

Stock No: 3504

Price: £45.00

Year: 1977

Calibre: .177 smoothbore



Tin plate type construction junior rifle the last of its type is in good cosmetic order but it lacks a bit of oomph in fact some tight pellets do not come out unless you cock it and shoot it a few times. Loose pellets do come out but with very very low power. Presumably the spring or piston seal neads replacing or sorting out. Original open sights are fitted, screw heads are good, stock is good Diana brass badge is however a little torn and missing. Needs sorting out really unless you are ok with a really low powered air gun.

Stock No 4703

Price: £140.00

Year:  c1990S

Calibre: .22



This Birmingham made air rifle is in good condition, the metalwork being excellent. No open sights are fitted, stock has a few surface marks and scratches some of which are noticeable because a scratch on the varnish finish leaves it quite light coloured. Shoots at around 10 foot pounds with a pleasing firing cycle. An excellent short range ratting or rabbitingiting rifle.

Stock No 4262

Price: £170.00

Year:  c1990s

Calibre: .177



According to the top of the cylinder this is a Webley Vulcan. Its not a Vulcan we have ever seen before. Firstly it has a flat ended cylinder end cap which was fitted to the Victor, the front sight is a diopter peep sight and appears to be a Weihrauch and the rear sight is a Milbro style diopter sight. The rifle produces about 9 foot pounds it has a late trigger similar to a Webley Vulcan series 3 which has a grooved front with a curved profile. The stock is also unusual, it is not a Victor one it has got an ambidextrous cheek piece and a flat black plastic butt plate. Overall a bit of an enigma, could be made up from several parts, looks like its been done well and would make a nice junior target rifle. In good condition the metal work going a little bit brown but mostly ok all components seem to be in good order.  Has provision for a rear sight on the breech block but none is fitted. Seems to have been assembled for paper target or bell target shooting.



This BSA Cadet Major is in what we call original condition. It has not been messed around with or refinished any way. The metal work is slightly brown and grainy, the photo etching is not visible. The breech mechanism barrel lock up is good, open sights are original and again good. The stock has some surface marks and scratches but no major cracks etc. A genuine and honest rifle.


Items that are shown with a blue envelope were can be either purchased from our shop or you can have them delivered directly to your home address as they were either manufactured before 1939 or they are on commission sale being sold by us on behalf of a third party. Items where no envelope is shown can be purchased from our shop or you can have them sent to a registered fire arms dealer near you, and you collect it from them. To order an item from us phone 01243 827500

Further information

Stock No 4649

Price: £70.00

Year:  c1970s

Calibre: .22



This nice little air rifle of which one of the owners of this business has a great personnel attachment to is in very good condition, works well does not appear to have had much use, a few surface marks to the stock, these are accurate and from personnel experience can be used for short range hunting. Although today we only use them for target shooting.

Our stock changes continuously so please check before travelling.

We usually have more than what is shown here in our shop. Call in and see us.

Stock No 4785

Price: £160.00

Year:  c1995

Calibre: .177



This Birmingham made BSA air rifle is in excellent near new condition. Fitted with a sound moderator it shoots at just under 11 foot pounds in .177 calibre. Fitted with a Webley 4 x 32 scope and probably Sportsmatch mounts. An excellent long range hunting rifle or target shooting rifle.

Stock No 4435

Price: £48.00

Year:  c1966

Calibre: .177



This is a smooth bore barrel version of the little Diana 25. This example is in fair condition the metalwork having been painted at some point and most of the rearsight is not original but is a carefully fitted sight off another rifle. Stock has has numerous varnish surface scratches, cocks and shoots fine, stock could do with refinishing.

SOLD 1220

Stock No

Price: £190.00


Calibre: .22



This German made hunting rifle is in good condition, it is fitted with a Hawke 3-9x40 scope and a bipod. It is an 8 shot bolt action repeater producing just under 11 foot pounds. It uses 88g co2 capsules and shoots with no recoil. A nice accurate rifle.

SOLD 1220 SOLD 1220

Stock no 4792

Price: £380.00

Year:  c1969

Calibre: .177



This is the target version of the Webley mark 3 made for bell target and match target shooting. This example is ok the metal on the cylinder is mostly all there and original close examination reveals the barrel has been refinished as under a good light you can see speckling underneath the bluing. We suspect this rifle has been quite comprehensively used for target shooting but it is in good order shoots very well exellent airtight piston head and tap. Stock has some surface marks and scratches is a nice piece of quality walnut. Some general wear overall you can see where it has been used and some light speckling and old rust spots to the underlever and barrel. Fitted with a Parker Hale PH17B peep sight with choice of hole size an allso a cap on the pistol grip with 6 different elements for the front sight. Speaking of which we could not manage to undo the front sight it just neads a bit of loosening off to free but we could not manage it there is a front sight element fitted, a post in this case. A quality air rifle and the Supertargets are always very sellable.

Stock No 4650

Price: £120.00

Year:  c1970s

Calibre: .22



This ugly looking rifle but now considered somewhat of a design classic, is in very near new condition, cocks and shoots fine, obviously had very little use, solidly made of good quality meterials and all steel action. Even though they are rather agricultural in design and were sold cheaply at the time these are nevertheless a sturdy made air rifle.

SOLD 1220

Stock No 4491

Price: £120.00

Year: c1974 (GL series)

Calibre: .22



A good deal of time has been spent on this rifle it has been refinished metal and stock. Stock has been done very nicely. Has also been fitted with a new piston head and seals and mainspring. The trigger block and trigger guard unit has been polished up to nice shiny alloy. Overall the rifle looks quite nice. Fitted with a BSA 4x20 scope with mediocre optics. No rearsight fitted has a front sight that is very slightly broken but that is due to the plastic used not any carelessness by a previous owner. Shoots at about 9 foot pounds with reasonable consistency.

SOLD 0121

Stock No 4725

Price: £130.00

Year:  C1970

Calibre: .22



This is quite a scarce variant of the BSA Airsporter, being produced for less than 2 years. It still has the conical leather piston head of the mark 2 but it is combined with a later looking, frankly quite ugly, stock. This was the start of the decline. The mechanics are still good but the cosmetics started to suffer. Also fitted with  completely plastic rearsights which are usually broken but by some good chance on this example have survived complete and working. That is rare in itself. Cocks and shoots at about 8.5 foot pounds, reasonably easy we have not changed the spring we have left it as it is. Condition is OK, metalwork is abit grainy and slightly blotchy some usual surface marks and scuffs to the enameled triger block and triggger guard, stock has a few surface marks and scratches, overall a pretty average example but is complete and all correct as it should be with regards to parts and sights and ting.

SOLD 0121

Here is the next lot of air rifles to be put on our website as time allows. Most are ready to go, others need a bit of  TLC before we put them on the web. All are available now to buy, 1st come 1st served.  Keep checking back on our website…

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