Air rifles pre 1939

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Air rifles


Air rifles

Pre 1939

Air rifles


Air rifles


Air pistols


Air pistols


Stock No: 3912

Price: £1650.00

Year: c1780

Calibre: c12.5mm (half inch)



This fascinating item is the oldest air gun we have ever offered for sale. It is an outside lock air gun with all the mechanism visible and using a large leaf spring. This is an unusual one in that the trigger is folding and also the striker has a bypass whereby you can release the hammer without shooting air. The barrel has almost certainly been re browned at some stage whereas the action is in its original slightly pitted finish. The butt flask has been later covered in leather very nicely, sold brass butt plate, very long barrel which would have been designed to make full use of the air discharge. The barrel unscrews for loading the gun. An interesting early air gun, which clearly shows the mechanics of the pre charged air gun.

Whilst this antique butt reservoir rifle has no markings or makers name on it we are pretty sure it is of Austrian manufacture, there is no decoration and it is very plain in the military style. The hammer mechanism is unusual with moving striking piece which strikes a just off centre located hammer. The butt reservoir itself  appears to have been recovered in leather some time after its manufacture, a really nice job has been done and it looks in good condition. The metalwork is in brown smooth condition apart from the brass coloured brass! The lock plate itself is devoid of any engraving or decoration, it is extremely plain and functional. Fitted with a ramrod which may well be later, probably not original and nice tiger stripe effect to the wood which has probably been refinished. Plain trigger guard fitted underneath with quite a thin trigger. An interesting antique item. We have seen repeating versions of this made by Girandoni but this one is a single shot and not made by Girandoni (sometimes referred to as Girardoni). This rifle is stored in our shop but is not on open display.

Calibre 8mm ( 0.32” rifled)

Made c1800-1820

 Barrel length 708mm (27.75”)

Overall length 1170mm (46”)




Price: £3800.00

Year: c1860s or 80s


Butt Reservoir

This really nice interesting antique is in good condition in a nicely fitted baize lined oak brass bound case with various accessories as shown below which include bullet mould, oil bottle, pump. It has two barrels one of which is a smoothbore and one of which is rifled with a c13mm bore. We believe the rifled barrel may be a later replacement. The manufacturer’s name is on the smooth bore barrel and that reads “E. London Gun And Rifle Maker, 1 London Wall, London”. The butt removes from the action and the action itself has what we believe to be a air bypass for de cocking the gun. This is also a very neat tap loader for loading of balls. Leather covered butt of some age. This is a very nice collectable item.

E London


Due to the value of this item we are unable to post it to you.


Stock No 4239

Price: £285.00

Year:  c1910-20

Calibre: .175bb



This early American rifle possibly dates from before the 1st world war or just after. It is a dinkey little rifle with a front rod that pulls out for pumping, takes several strokes to build up enough compression to shoot out a muzzle loaded bb. This example has a very nice patina to the bore finish it may have been blacked originally having worn off or removed over the years. The end cap has the markings in this case a selection of patent numbers surrounded by words "Benjamin Air Rifle" and "MFG Co St Lewis MO (Missouri) pat pending" at the bottom and "model E" at the top. Stock is in fairly good condition probably had a coat or two of varnish over the years. The valving seems ok. Quite crude in comparison with what came later but not often seen this side of the pond.

Stock No 4628

Price: £1970.00

Year:  c1820

Calibre: 10mm/.40”

DAVY (Norwich?)


This early precharged air rifle is in good condition the metalwork is in the white possibly having been polished off but is nice and smooth and looks good. Stock is in good order with checkered wrist, nice engraved fittings, trigger guard, action block and hammer, a nice short size we do not know wether this is original size or reduced but it seems to be in proportion. Good solid butt plate, nice smooth metal work, mock flintlock mechanism, the action on the side is marked DAVY we believe this may be a Norwich maker as we have seen his name on some other antique air guns and shot guns.

Stock No 4675

Price: £875.00

Year:  c1885

Calibre: 4.5mm



This very nice quality air rifle has been refinished to a good standard. The engraving is still nice and clear and crisp in fact looks good on its newly blued breech block. The rear sight is a replacement we know this because we fitted it! Its a new modern replica. Stock is very nice with quite crisp checkering, some scratches and marks and unfortunately a piece missing off the toe of the stock which has been carefully smoothed off so it does not look too bad. Some tooling marks on the gas cylinder but mostly smooth bluing which is nice and shiny. Lovely engraving on the underside and on the trigger guard. A quality item which presents very nicely.

Stock No  4710

Price: £340.00

Year:  1938

Calibre: 4.4bb



This neat little prewar bolt action bb rifle is in complete condition, the metalwork being brown and grainy overall, the markings are visible being “drgm tell drp” on one side of the cylinder and shot 200 schus on the other side. As well as made in Germany and the Venus Waffenwerk monogram on the  cylinder end cap.. Stock has surface marks and scuffs overall and also there is a chip out of the toe of the stock. Overall an honest little rifle with an interesting magazine system where you screw out the barrel and a large spiral directs the bbs into the barrel without jamming up or clogging. Quite rare although we had another one a little while ago!

Stock No 4711

Price: £380.00

Year:  c1936

Calibre: 4.4mm



This nice youth size military bolt action trainer is in fairly good condition the metalwork having a grey grainy type finish but all the markings are nice and clear. The rifle is complete but the safety catch has a fault. It is not positive in operation. It does work in that it stops the rifle firing when set and then allows it to fire when unset however there is at least a detent ball and spring missing and possibly the tab has been home made as it does not look right or it might be the original having been repaired. We not sure, no. Stock is good and smooth and possibly rubbed down over the years. Fitted with what would appear to be the period leather rifle sling to which we have put quite a bit of leather conditioner as it was very dry. Original open sights fitted. The magazine we presume is a later magazine but fits fine its not held in by a clip on this one just by friction. Bolt mechanism seems nice and tight these were designed to have a lot of use and stand up to it. A nice German military training rifle just prior to things going wrong for them!

—– 38” LONG —–

Stock No 4726

Price: £590.00

Year: c1933

Calibre: .22



This air rifle whilst complete is not all original. The fragile barrel carriage which was a distinctive feature of the first series Webley Mark 2 has been replaced with a later barrel carriage and the barrel cleverly modified to fit so it slides in and out with ease  and works perfectly. The barrel number does match the barrel action so it is just the barrel carriage which has been replaced. A rear sight is fitted and the correct aperture sight. The breech mechanism is as per the original series one being very different to the later series. Stock is quite good  almost certainly rubbed down with the checkering still there. No major defects. The metalwork of the action is a bit grey and brown but all markings are clear visible. The barrel and the barrel frame are a bit grey. We suspect the work to repair it or to modify it and fit the later barrel frame was done quite a while ago and it was done quite well. We believe Webley did do this themselves if they got faulty barrel frames back for a certain period but obviously no way now of knowing who did the work.

Stock No 4745

Price: £450.00

Year:  c1939

Calibre: .175bb

Czech or German made

Bolt action military trainer

THIS IS A well made, solidly made,  bolt action military trainer. Same length as a Mauser rifle at 110cm long, but unusually this has no markings on it what so ever not even a serial number. Yet it does not seem to be a home made item at all. It seems to be something of commercial production. One theory is that it may have been produced in a Czechoslovakian (?) Factory after Hiltler annexed that country and it was produced without markings. This is a bolt action where you pull the bolt back it is then held on the trigger sear and compresses the spring on closing the bolt. Loading is done through a flip over loading port similar to that seen on some Mars rifles we believe. Condition of this gun is generally good apart from the from sight which is missing most of its blade. The rear sight is just a solid lump of metal securely fastened or welded on to the action. Stock is good order with some surface marks and scratches. Unusually its fitted with an aluminium  butt plate which seems to be original. A nice quality item of which the origins are uncertain.

Stock No  4753

Price: £490.00

Year:  C1880

Calibre: 9mm rifled



This very nice antique air cane is in good original condition.the black lacquer is the original with a few knocks and scratches it has taken over time, complete with a very nice quality antique pump and a new reproduction key. No makers name on it that we have seen often the lock plates have an initial, we suspect this may be a Townsend made version. Screw out barrel with ram rod and sub calibre barrel which is all nice knurled brass and again all original.

Stock No 4755

Price: £270.00

Year:  c1912-35

Calibre: .177 smoothbore



This rare little rifle has seen better days but then have not we all this year! Whilst pretty much complete there is some damage to the stock like a layer of wood is missing at the fore end is delaminated and come off. The front sight is a replacement. The metal work is overall a browny greyey finishy some deep pitting on one area of the barrel presumably where its been held to cock it. This is a push in barrel, we have never had one of these for sale before , has markings on top which are just about legible “H M QUACKENBUSH HERKIMER NY USA” then a patent number. This seems to work ok with pellets .177 lead but was probably designed for balls. Darts are very fiddley to load. Non original metal sling swivel through the little tab on the bottom of the barrel  and also has corresponding holes that don’t go right through on the stock for fitting of a sling of some sort. Obviously had a lot of use in its time but to its credit its still all there sort a thing.

Most of these are now sold, the ones we have got are shown in detail on this web site

The Webley Service mark 2 air rifle is an item that should be in any serious air gun collector’s collection. This is a lovely example it is in a case with 3 different calibre barrels, the rifle itself was refinished some time ago and looks superb. All components are as they should be and have been finished to a very high standard. Stock has a few surface marks and has also likewise been refinished. The butt plate would seem to ne the original it is suffering from some slight delamination and some slight chipping on the top edge. The three barrels are genuine Webley barrels, the .22 barrel with the number matching the action and the other two barrels having different serial numbers. They all fit in to the barrel carriage and lock up perfectly. The case itself is a lovely old canvas and leather case of the type Webley themselves produced. This has been refitted to take the rifle with three barrels detached along side as per the photos. Re base lined and also has a very nice quality we believe leather, trade label inside the lid. It has a reprinted shooters guide with a fold out parts diagram and a price list for parts (certainly not current prices). Also has a compartment for pellets, there is an original pre war .22 pellet tin with .22 pellets in, a post war .177 tin of pellets and an empty tobacco tin with a label for .25 calibre diabolo pellets. We have some pellets to put inside it but in all honesty they are recent German pellets and are very tight in the barrel and unless seated fully in using a tool they do not exit the barrel. We are looking to find some Rhinos or Marksman type pellets which we believe will fit the barrel better being slightly smaller diameter than the German pellets. This is a lovely item to have in your collection and would be admired by everyone. Some nice graining to the walnut stock, nice shiny finish to the metal, a lovely item to own.


With 3 barrels in 3 calibres

Made c1938

£1520 commission sale

Stock No 4777

Price: £1180.00

Year:  c1890

Calibre: 4.5mm



This lovely quality, French made, CO2 rifle is in very good condition retaining lots of its original finish which is just starting to take on a light patina of age which is indicative of it not having been refinished. Fitted with its original nice quality rear sight and this is the model with sling swivels fitted which again are the original fittings. Nice engraving all around the breach block, nice crisp checkering to the hammer, no signs of abuse, stock is good just lost its polish, and there is a couple of very minor marks to it and possibly a little bit of damage to the toe of the stock. Believed to be the original vulcanite type butt plate. These are a nice quality rifle. The first CO2 design ever produced.


Price: £1500.00

Year:  c1936

Calibre: .177



This is the highest quality, most advanced design of air rifle you could buy before the war. It is superbly well made with a superb trigger mechanism and excellent power. This example is very very nice. The cylinder and barrel retaining most original finish which is a lovely deep blue. Slight wear on the under lever where it has been held to be cocked and a slight patina of age just coming through on the metal work which does show it is original. Screw heads are very good/excellent. Original open sights are fitted. The stock is especially nice being virtually unmarked with nice sharp checkering. Nice clear crisp markings Diana Huntress trademark and “DIANA MOD 58” stamped on top of the cylinder also on the side is “D.R.P. Foreign” This is a superb example. Any pre war gun in this condition is highly desirable but when it is the best one made it has to carry a premium!. A superb collector’s item.


Items that are shown with a blue envelope were can be either purchased from our shop or you can have them delivered directly to your home address as they were either manufactured before 1939 or they are on commission sale being sold by us on behalf of a third party. Items where no envelope is shown can be purchased from our shop or you can have them sent to a registered fire arms dealer near you, and you collect it from them. To order an item from us phone 01243 827500

Further information

SOLD 1120

Stock No 4775

Price: £490.00

Year:  c1906

Calibre: .177



This is a nice appearing, this this rifle appears very nice, nice appearing (need to edit that) this this is a nice appearing rifle. Probably having been refinished at some stage. However the markings on top of the breach block arevery nice and clear fully legible. Britannia trade mark is visible on the side perhaps a bit light but thats sometimes how they were struck. So if it has been rfinished its not been over polished as all the numbers and markings are crisp and visible. We believe this to be the wrong wrear sight fitted but looks to be finished the same as the rest of the rifle. Nice stock with no major defects a few minor surface scratches and bumps. There is however one flaw in thechamber at the pistol grip however it might have been made like this this as we believe this is a cast piece and the flaw may have been in there from when it was made. Screw heads are good has a good main spring and only has one cocking position. These are a quality example some peoaple say they are  a Gem style airgun in which  case they are the Rolls Royce of Gem air guns. A nice classic British collectable item.

SOLD 1120

Stock No 4659

Price: £440.00

Year:  c1933

Calibre: .22



This is a basically sound example of this most classic of air rifles. Unfortunately the middle rear sight is missing some components, the element and elevation screw and a small spring are missing. The rear diopter sight is is present and correct. Fitted with a little front sight hood which fits well and actually works excellently with the diopter sight. Being almost exactly right diameter to provide just a small ring when viewed   through the peep hole. Metalwork is brown a bit grainy and most of the markings visible apart from the Webley Service air rifle mark 2 on the side is a bit light and only visible under a good light. Good stock, minor surface marks and scratches no cracks, mainspring is almost certainly the original and could be replaced to good effect. All other components, screws etc seem ok, safety catch works fine, a sort of middle of the road honest example just a real shame the rear sight is not complete. The front sight hood is easily detachable has obviously been put on at a later date by some shooter.

SOLD 1120

Stock No 4731

Price: £295.00

Year:  c1925

Calibre: .177 rifled



This early Diana rifle is in astonishing condition. It has, what we believe to be, about 99% of its original factory finish. It has, however, been stored in very dry conditions. The metal work has survived completely intact but the stock has a few splits along the grain around the fore end and underneath where the cocking slot is which has been repaired so the metalwork is in near new condition with all crisp markings “DIANA LUFT GEWEHR” on the barrel and the Diana huntress holding aloft her air rifle and discarding her bow with the word “DIANA” on the trigger block. This is a very nice quality rifle which must have looked very modern due to its half stock compared to the BSAs and Milittas at the time with their quarter stocks. This also has the best condition butt plate we have ever seen on one of these rifles, very light pitting on the heel of the butt plate the rest, amazingly, appears new. The stock finish is original and unworn it has just had some repairs to the wood which is unfortunate and due almost certainly to the storage conditions which have favoured the metal but not the wood. Little turret-screw adjustable rear sight unit which works perfectly, screw heads are superb, nice clean rifled barrel, the finish of the metal work is actually very very nice and shiny and as good if not better than BSAs of the period. There is no model name or date on the gun.

* For avoidance of doubt we initially  identified this as a model 34. This identification was taken from a 1927 Gecado catalogue where there is listed “NR2776 (Diana NR34) Wir number 2772, aber mit Englischem pistolgriffschaft und fischhaut” A re-reading of the catalogue leads us now to believe this seems to refer to a more familiar Diana 27 style rifle but with an English style checkered grip. (Possibly same as a pre world war 1 Lincoln Jeffries type pistol grip stock). The 35 is listed as similar “Aber mit Langem Vorderschaft” (but with long fore end). So this is a 35 but 34 did exist (as did 33 and 32) but gone by time of 1929 Geco catalogue that we have.

SOLD 1120

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