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The listings for spares are continuously updated. If you don’t see what you want please phone us with your requirements.

Parts, spares and miscellaneous bits for air guns

Please use the part numbers (to the left of the descriptions) when ordering. WHERE ITEMS SAY THEY CAN BE SENT ONLY TO AN RFD PLEASE DON’T ATTEMPT TO ORDER THEM VIA PAYPAL PHONE US PLEASE!!!

M51 - Rifle end cap for Gamo rifles and Brocock Independent. £6.00 OUT OF STOCK

M28 - NAC air rifle cocking link VGC £12 00

M80 - Allows a silencer with internal thread to fitted to an air  rifle with internal thread. Half UNF to half UNF. Made by Parker-Hale £4.90


~~~ Most parts in stock for dispatch usually same day ~~~

~~~ Flat rate postage charge of £3.90 (air guns  £12.00 to send) ~~~

Air guns can not be ordered by Paypal. Phone us to place order using credit/debit card. Barrels, pistons and air guns later than 1939 can only be sent to a registered fire arms dealer. Postage rates shown for UK if outside of UK contact us first. 01243 824284

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M143 - Hammerli side lever loading tap £12.00

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M202 - F.A.S. Valve seal. Does NOT fit FAS604 or 6004. There is some dispute over it being for a FAS! £12.00

We have air gun stocks…click here

D92 - Front stock bolt to fit ASI CF16, CF20 and CF30. Blued finish. £1.00 each


M84  Chinese under lever air rifle breech seel £3.00


M97 - Leather b reech seel for Haenel 300/302/303 £2 50

M106 - Trigger guard for BSF rifle, VGC fits 54, 55, 60, 70 etc £12.00

W245 - Trigger spring 4.69mm - 5mm x 20mm for Beeman C1  £3.25

M206 - Laser mount for Gamo P23 pistol. £5.95


M130 - Piston seal for FWB Sport £24.50

M135 - FWB Sport breech seal £2.50

TITAN1 - FWB Sport Main spring £20.00

M222 - O ring for the end cap of XS78 (gas seal) £0.30

M/W234 - Air filling probe for Webley and Hatsan PCP rifles. £12.00

M123 - DAN WESSON pistol seal kit. Comprises 5 seals. £6.99

M245 - Complete seal kit for PR900W PCP rifle. £9.00

M246 - Complete seal kit for CR600W CO2 rifle. £6.00

M259/22 - .22 cal magazine for SMK 600 CO2 rifle, 900 PCP rifle,, Kandar CP-1, and SMK Victory pistol £19.99

M259/177 - As above for .177 calibre. £19.99

M270 - Complete seal kit for UMAREX AIRMAG 850 PCP air rifle, consists of 7 seals. £10.00

M272 - CP88 seal kit, comprises 5 seals £12.00 OUT OF STOCK


M290 - Rear sight for pistols, CP88, Beretta 92 and other CO2 pistols with the little dovetail groove at the back. £8.50


M121 - Set of 4 elements from 2.6mm to 4.4mm aperture (to fit unit shown to the right only) £6.00 OUT OF STOCK

M120 - Dove tail groove fitting 9mm +- 0.6mm approx fits Weihrauch, FWB Sport, Original Diana etc  £10.00 OUT OF STOCK

M293 - Seal kit for CP1 £8.95 OUT OF STOCK


Part number M298 £14.50


M312 - Internal trigger and sear mechanism new but slightly tarnished £15.00


M314 - Firing pin for Beretta 92 FS CO2 pistol £2.50

M319 - Breach seal for FWB 300S £9.50 OUT OF STOCK

M321 - Barrel .22 to fit BEEMAN P17 and  AIRFORCE 1 and FALCON DUO, and maybe HW40. VGC we think unused £15.00 CAN SEND TO RFD ONLY PHONE FOR DETAILS 01243 824284

M329 - Side cocking lever for Hatsan AT44 pre charged rifle. Brand new £14.40 OUT OF STOCK




M342 - Daisy magazine, for Powerline 622, .22 calibre used very good condition £3.00SOLD

M344 - CFX cylinder breech block seal (Gamo part number 18380) £1.50 OUT OF STOCK

M346 - Gamo Hornet breech seal, (Gamo part number 22060) £3.00 OUT OF STOCK

M353 - Gamo roller for the cockiing link £1.50 OUT OF STOCK


465.101 - Hammerli CO2 adapter, for air magnum 805 rifle allowing the use of 2 small 12g  capsules instead of the 88/90g cylinder. £69.95

M368 - For BRNO 581 and CZ511 front sight hood. £10.00

M372 - Umarex Beretta 92FS front sight. (AKA 419.70.02.0)  £3.00


Attach in seconds to the rifle, holds 8 pellets. Just turn for next pellet. In 177 or 22 and its only £24.95 and in stock.

Spare magazine for the multishot adapter in .177 or .22

M334 - Multishot system with 1 mag .177 £24.95

M335 - Multishot system with 1 mag .22  £24.95

M336 - Multishot spare magazine .177 £12.99

M337 - Multishot spare magazine .22 £12.99


M405 - Cocking link spring for Haenel models 26 and 28.  Shown next to a 1p piece for size reference. £8.50


M407 - Gauge seal for Coyote £3.00 OUT OF STOCK

B91 - Breech seal for SMK/WESTLAKE S2 break barrel pistol, leather. £5.00 OUT OF STOCK

M415 - Front sight to fit Diana, Original. Fits to c8mm dovetails. £49.95

M416 - Spare magazine for Glock 17, 4.5mm ball bearing ONLY version. £59.95

NOTE: This mag holds 18bb vertically with spring feed.



DPMS SBR BB CO2 gun magazine, 25 shots 4.5mm takes 2x CO2 12g capsules. £69.95

M433 - Ingeneous pellet holder, stick it to outside of gun and twist perspex to dispense a pellet. Holds 24 .22 pellets. Used, good condition, still has original double sided tape as supplied when new so may not actually have been used. £4.00 we may have two of these phone us.

M437 - Die cast ally bracket that holds CO2 cylinder in a Gamo P25 pistol. £12.00 (both halves) (CO2 cylinder not included but we do sell them!)


M438 - Sear for S2 and S3 Sportsmarketing pistols. Brand new £5.60

M439 - Air filling probe for SMK PCP rifles and pistols. £12.00


M304 - Tool for MP654 pistol. As supplied as standard with pistol. £9.00 OUT OF STOCK

M440L - Piston for SMK S2 and S3 pistols, leather piston washer. £12.00 CAN SEND TO RFD ONLY OR COLLECT FROM OUR SHOP

M450 - Rearsight unit. Base is 12mm by 7.5mm, 8mm high. Can fit Millitas, Gems etc that have dovetail fittings. £7.00

M459 - Rearsight elevation screw for Gamo CF, Hunter 440, Hornet etc (Gamo part ref is 20970) M4 screw thread. £3.90


416.60 - Valve assembly for 1911 CO2 pistol. £38.70

M474 - MAGAZINE FOR CYBERGUN AK47 CO2 4.5mm, Brand new £49.95

M478 - Gamo front sight and fibre optic post. Fits most current Gamo break barrels with stepped down diameter muzzles. £15.00

70mm long total

M479 - Gamo front sight and post element, fits various Gamo including Paratrooper, Sniper, Magnum and more… £10.00 OUT OF STOCK

70mm long total

Weihrach trigger blades, these have had the hardened pin removed or lost. £4.00 each. Find your own use.

M482G - Gold finish £4.00 each

M482S - Silver finish £4.00 each


M491 - 12 bore snap caps, nickel finish, some tarnishing £4.00 the pair

M497 - Brand new moulded grip to fit MP654 pistol.. £25.00

M496 - MP654 seal kit, there are 7 in the set (look for the transparent 2 at the bottom of the picture, they are there!). £5.00 OUT OF STOCK

D61 - Piston seal for SMK XS208 rifle. £12.00

Both sides shown

4.9.0002 - Breech seal FWB 600 £7.40 each (approx 12mm diam) OUT OF STOCK

1750.214.1 - Valve seal FWB 600 £4.00 each (approx 12mm diam) OUT OF STOCK

1500.122.3 - Breech seal FWB65 pistol £16.00 each (approx 13mm diam) OUT OF STOCK

M502 - Breech seal FWB150 £14.25 (approx 14mm diam)

150.127.3 - Piston buffer FWB150 and 300 £16.90 (approx 23mm diam) OUT OF STOCK

M493 - Set of seals for Chinese B3 underlever rifle, piston seal and breach seal, much better to change both at once, and cheaper than buying separately. £9.70

M514 - Piston seal for IZH60 and IZH61. £8.00 OUT OF STOCK

M515 - 28 shot magazine for Anics Skif 3000 pistol, .22 calibre. These are used but work just fine. £15.00 each

M516 - Skif 3000 buffer spring (121-01-12) £5.00SOLD

M517 - SKIF 3000 recoil spring (121-00-23) £5.00 SOLD

M518 - SKIF 3000 mainspring (121-01-11 part 45) £5.00 SOLD

M519 - SKIF 3000 spring guide rod (part 9 121-00-13) £5.00 SOLD

M520 - Valve assembly for Glock 17 gen 4. £22.00

M522 - General seal kit comprising 5 seals and 1 disc for SIG MPX and SIG MCX CO2 guns. £12.00 OUT OF STOCK

M527 - Colt SAA revolver CO2 capsule sealing washer (COSAA7-13) £6.00

V141 - Front stock screw for R1 and R10  £4.00

M530 - 25.5mm piston seal fits Gamo rifles and pistols (Gamo part number 16 5657) £11.00

M532 - Gamo rifle and BSA Meteor mark 6 and 7 and Comet. (BSA part number 16 7045) £26.50

M533 - Mainspring for Gamo 400, Evo26, Hunter, Magnum 2000 and BSA Meteor mark 6 and 7 (BSA part number 16 5660) £14.00 OUT OF STOCK

M540 - Parker Hale PH1 front sight, to fit c11mm dovetail grooves, fitted with perspex ring element (can also accept correct sized metal elements).  Used, good condition, blued steel c1950s/60s £34.00

M680 - Parker Hale PH16 aperture sight, good condition. Two angles shown of same unit. £65.00

M544 - Rearsight fits SMK VICTORY PR600, PR900 rifles and CP1 pistol. New £15.00

5.8364.60.14 - Glock 17 inlet valve assembly. £13.50

419.20.21 - Capsule screw mounted for Beretta 92FS £14.00

M555 - Breach block mechanism for XS78/QB78/XS77 marked AR2098 made in China, industry brand, very good condition £28.00

M556 - Parts for XS78 etc, hammer, breech block, end cap and misc screws £10.00

M565 - FWB300 pistol grip cap.Flush. Reproduction part with FWB logo  £12.00 SOLD

M567 - XS78/79 magazine system .22, used part, works fine. Manual turning type. £15.00

M569 - Set of 4 springs of varying strength for XS78/79. Brand new unused. £18.00


M588 - EB17A010 valve assembly for Benjamin/Sheridan E9A CO2 pistol. £15.00 OUT OF STOCK


W728 - Parker Hale PH16 peep sight fits .22 calibre air riflesby BSA, Winchester, Remington, Savage, Stevens.  Used, in very good condition. £90.00 PHOTO SHOWS TWO ANGLES OF THE SAME UNIT.

M597 - QB78 Beeman type front sight and rear sight set, complete. £20.00

M601 - Rear sight unit for IJ38. Used in very good condition. £24.00



M606 - Capsule screw mounted for S+W 586 and 686 models. £12.50 OUT OF STOCK

M609 - Valve stem for Innova. About 45mm long. £15.00

M610 - Delta Fox GT barrel housing, brand new. £11.50

5.8367.90.01.1 - Hex key tool for Glock 19x blowback, un used £7.95


M612 - Wooden cocking aid made to fit the Predom pistol. £22.00


M614 - Brass finish, 50mm long, internal half inch unf threaded.Thread starts about half way downFits 14mm barrelk £6.00

M615 - Brass finish 55mm long, no thread holds on with grub screw, has 2 grubscrew holes comes with only one grub screw. Fits 11mm barrel.£6.00 SOLD

M616 - Black matt finish, internal half inch unf thread which starts about 15mm down. 65mm long fits 14mm barrel. £4.00

M617 - Black gloss finish otherwise same as the one above. Execept it fits 13.5mm barrel £4.00

M634 - BEEMAN PCP HAND PUMP DESSICANT KIT (air moisture filter). Perspex construction so DO NOT USE ON HIGH PRESSURE OUTPUT!  The bottom thread is 3/8 UNF male so will screw in to an inlet. Supplied with silica filler and instructions.

Brand new £12.00

M635 - Guide rod and fixing screw for model 1911 £10.00

M636 - Beretta 92 foresight. £4.00

M639 - Slide spring for Colt 1911 £6.20

M641 - This device allows a torch or bipod etc to fit to a PR900 . Really nicely £D printed. £15.00

M642 - FAS604 Pump head O ring, about 22mm outside diameter £2.00

M644 - Filling probe for Hammerli AP20 pistol. 1/8 BSP £20.00


We have had these inserter pins made for us by a skilled person, they are very good. They certainly fit GAT pistols, they DO NOT fit the Dollar pistol. They fit Diana G2 and will fit SP50 with a small washer added as the thread depth is a bit shorter..

M646 - Silver colour finish. £14.40

M647 - Black finish. £15.40

There are many pages on GATs and Diana pop outs in John Griffith’s 2nd edition Encyclopedia available from us. CLICK HERE

W324 - Underlever catch, unfinished, and is slightly oversized base for wider grooves. c11.5mm base at its widest. File to fit. £24.00

This  underlever catch looks much better in real life than this photo They are very nicely made and finished

M651 - 4.5mm bb magazine for Legends M1A1 CO2 gun. Gold finish but will obviously fit in the black M1A1 as well as the gold finish model. Brand new at very low price as its a one off. £38.00

M473 - Front sight unit modified to fit Original/Diana, Relum, Weihrauch and Anschutz.  £18.00

Three angles shown, one supplied

 M653- CP2 rearsight assembly. £12.00

M665 - 1950s/60s GAT inserter pin, original part. £20.00 SOLD

M668 - Piston without seal for standard GEM. Length is 93mm, diameter of head is 23.7mm. Used good condition £24.00

M669 - Replica wire rod stock for Pope rifle air pistol.



Upgrade your MCX or MPX from CO2 powered to precharged air powered. This unit replaces the butt and improves rapid fire capability, power stability and a reduction in running cost. A great investment for regular shooters of SIG MCX or MPX guns.

Kit contains 210ml air bottle, interconnection adapter to attach bottle to gun and quick fill adapter to enable filling from air bottle or PCP hand pump (available separately) £89.95


M672 - Rearsight unit complete, for FWB Sport (marked 10, 30, 50) very good condition with slider, no fixing screws. £65.00 SOLD

M676 - GAT gun fly catch attachment.  £5.00

M682 - GAMO COMPACT piston seal. £3.00


M686 - Seal kit for Jumbo pistol. £15.00

WALT52 - BARREL BLANKS, Lothar Walther, .177 calibre, 708mm (c28”) long, diameter 12.5mm. As used by John Bowkett in 1980s/90s new old stock.

ONLY £85.00 each, quantity discounts may be available.

 This is a bargain, check out the regular price of new Lowther Walther barrels!!


M693 - FWB Sport 124/127 stock fixing plug £25.00



M696 - Rear sight unit to fit Sheridan C, C9, and F rifles and Beeman 39L series pneumatic rifles. Brand new, many angles shown, one supplied. £15.00

M701 - GAS RAM PISTON SPRING NITRO GAMO CROSMAN BENJAMIN used in working condition. We cannot guarantee what power this will give. 260mm overal length. £20.00

M705 - GAMO C15 magazine release bar. £5.00

V72 - 25.5mm piston seal, parachute type, synthetic material £6.50

M710 - Magazine for a pre charged rifle, trouble is we don’t know what one it fits! It is nicely made with a clockwork mechanism and a metal case. If you think you know we love to hear from you!

UPDATE: It is  for an Artemis M22


81.60.0057 - CO2 capsule piercer ring. £12.50


M719 - You do? Then you need this very useful device. It is a modified 88g CO2 capsule that has a standard air bottle threaded inlet so you can connect up air line and test a repaired gun for leaks without using a new CO2 capsule. Use 60 bar maximum, this device does not contain a pressure restrictor/over pressure protection. £20.00


M687 - Front sight for Original 45, used in fair condition, but some hammer marks to front (these can be very to fit and remove!) £32.00

2 views of 1 unit. 1 supplied.

SOLD 01/24

M722 - Rearsight, fully adjustable, 2 screw hole fixtures 20mm apart. We think this will fit SMK XS78. £15.00 (the 2 photos show top and bottom view of the rearsight)


M723 - Specially manufactured metal pellet tube magazine to fit ASI Paratrooper, ASI Sniper El Gamo Gamatic, and Expomatic.. Holds up to 25 pellets, flat head or shallow domes.

£45.00 for one

£80.00 for two

- RWS -

M724 - Metal 8 shot magazine for RWS Excalibre .22 calibre our own conversion, custom made. £49.00

M727 - As above but an original part, fully working £58.00


M728 - ASI Paratrooper/Sniper repeater magazine tube rear holding block, with screws and little spring. Used in very good condition. £12.00

M729 - Gamo breech seel to fit most Gamo break barrels, BSA Lightning Spanish made, Meteor Mk7, PR45 pistol and more. Gamo part number is 16-7000.


SOLD 03/24

M732 - Folding stock to fit Artemis/Snowpeak PR400 pistol. Brand new boxed. £34.95

M733 - Fits dovetail groove c14mm, marked 2-6, no maker’s markings. £15.00

SOLD 04/24

M736 - Magazine, 177 calibre, fits model 651, 8 shot, used good condition. £5.00

Rapid 7 hand turned bolt handles, very nice solid feel.

M742 - Steel £10.00

M743 - Brass £15.00

We only have one of each of these.


M745 - 12 shot .25 calibre magazine. In original maker’s package with paperwork, unopened and unused. £45.00

M747 - Underlever clip that holds the under lever for SMK B3 and DB4 and some others. No nuts or bolts supplied. £8.00 OUT OF STOCK

M748 - Barrel .177  for Gamo CADET and probably fits ASI SNIPER, fair condition, 40cm long. CAN COLLECT FROM US OR WE CAN SEND TO A REGISTERED FIREARMS DEALER FOR YOU TO COLLECT. £40.00