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Webley Rifle parts


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PLEASE NOTE: Many parts for Webley air rifles are common to different models. If in doubt phone us and we will do our best to help and advise.


W131 - Cylinder end cap used good condition £10 00

W133 - Trigger adjust screw £3.00

W119 - Trigger, Hawk Mk2 & 3 (Webley part v24) Also for Vulcan £12 50

W134 - Loading tap lever spring £2 00

- XOCET - and - STINGRAY -

W70 - Piston seal Fits: Beeman C1, Vulcan Mk3, Xocet, Victor, Tomahawk, Omega, Excel, Stingray (pre 2006 Birmingham made)  £12 00 OUT OF STOCK

W71 -Mainspring £14.00 OUT OF STOCK


W66 - Cocking link and axis pin £8.00 SOLD

W67 - Mainspring £14.00

W171 - Front stock bolt £2.90

W1 - Breech seal £3.50

W119 - Trigger, Hawk Mk2 & 3 (Webley part v24) Also for Vulcan £12 50




W152 - spring guide £8

W153 - End cap £7

W154 - Trigger housing £12.00


W85 - Mainspring £16.00


W98 - Seel, breech block £3 00


W95 - Mainspring £16.20

- MARK 3 -

W84 - Trigger guard, early type good condition £16.00

W86 - Loading tap side plate. Unfinished, requires polishing and blacking. £4.50

W87 - Loading tap side plate polished and blacked £12.50

W88 - Screw for side plates,  £7.90 pair

W95 - Mainspring £16 20


W113 - Front stock bolt  £4 50

W139 - Rear sight blade £22.50

W140 - Rear sight adjusting/elevating screw solid, exact replica left hand thread. £19.00

W163 - Front trigger guard bolt £6.50

W97 -  Sear, Genuine Webley, very good condition £15.90

~~~ Most parts in stock for dispatch usually same day ~~~

~~~ Flat rate postage charge of £3.90 (air guns  £12.00 to send) ~~~

Air guns can not be ordered by Paypal. Phone us to place order using credit/debit card. Barrels, pistons and air guns later than 1939 can only be sent to a registered fire arms dealer. Postage rates shown for UK if outside of UK contact us first. 01243 824284

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W240 - Barrel axis pin, also fits Vulcan £4.00

W244 - End cap/barrel stop pin for mark 2 and 3 £4.00

W246 - Front stock bolt Hawk mark 3 also fits Vulcan £3.00 OUT OF STOCK

W247 - Detent latch engaging pin for mark 2 and 3 also fits Vulcan £4.00

W251 - Piston for mark 2 and 3 used  VGC £25.00 CAN SEND TO RFD ONLY

W247R - Trigger blade and sear assembly.  Fits Jaguar and Ranger £12.00

MD12S - Trigger spring fits webley Jaguar Ranger Junior £3.00

W89 - Repro part. Webley badge. £15.00


Original part. Modern Webley badge. £15.00


W1 - Breech seal £3.50

W71 - Main spring £14.00 OUT OF STOCK

W133 - Trigger adjust screw £2 00

W220 - Trigger pin circlip (also fits Victor and Excel) Part V26 £2.00

W228 - Rear trigger guard bolt £3.00

W245 - Trigger spring 4.69mm - 5mm x 20mm £3.25

W243 - End plug retaining pin £3.00

W252 - Piston for Vulcan used  VGC £25.00 CAN SEND TO RFD ONLY

W70 - Piston seal Fits: Beeman C1, Vulcan Mk3, Xocet, Victor, Tomahawk, Omega, Excel, Stingray (pre 2006 Birmingham made)  £11 00

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01243 824284

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W245 - Trigger spring 4.69mm - 5mm x 20mm Hawk Mark 2 and Mark 3 £3.25

W245 - Trigger spring 4.69mm - 5mm x 20mm £3.25

W201 - Trigger adjust screw £8.00

W200 - Lever axis bolt  £7.00

W199 - Cocking link axis bolt £6.50

W196 - Stock fixing plates £28.00

W208 - Fixing screw for piston head £3.00

W261 - Stock fixing plate screw £3.00 each OUT OF STOCK

We have air gun stocks…click here

W273 - Breech seal £5.90

W273 - Breech seal for British built Stingray 2006 onwards  £5.90


W245 - Trigger spring 4.69mm - 5mm x 20mm £3.25


W273 - Breech seal (British Patriot)  £5.90

W273 - Breech seal  (British built rifle) £5.90


W143 - Mainspring £15.20

W145 - Piston head assembly £17 00 OUT OF STOCK

W190 - Front trigger guard bolt £4.90

W193 - Nut for barrel axis bolt £4.00 NOTE:WILL NOT FIT GERMAN DIANA AIRGUNS

W218 - Trigger axis screw (part A35) £5.50

W217 - Front stock bolt AND washer (parts A40 & A41) £5.00

W1 - Breech seal £3.50

W286 - Trigger guard, used very good condition, one small scratch 5mm long on underside £10.00

W318 - Loading lever link pivot screw  Fits Jaguar, Ranger, Junior rifles. £8.00

W326 - Rear trigger guard screw £2.00

W273 - Breech seal £5.90

W334 - Webley mark 3 tap lever screw, hand turned for perfect fit (unlike some other suppliers product). Polished and blacked to a high standard. £9.00


W342 - Mark 3 rifle, stock locating plug (AR42) £18.00

W352 - Vulcan series 1 and 2 front trigger guard screw £3.00 OUT OF STOCK

W354 - Series 3 Vulcan front trigger guard bolt (V100) £3.00

W356 - Front stock bolt (V94) £3.00

W357 - Rear trigger guard bolt (V90) £2.10

W369 - Piston washer rings, pair of £18.00 the pair SOLD

W381 - Osprey sear spring £6.00 OUT OF STOCK

W220 - Osprey fulcrum pin circlip £2.00

W383 - Osprey/Tracker/Viscount/Victor/ulcan/Hawk/Excel mk2 and 3, Beeman 1, V23 + E23 £4.00

W385 - Osprey cocking lever fulcrum pin circlip £1.50 SOLD OUT

W386 - Osprey front stock screw E89 £4.00

W387 - Osprey link fulcrum pin E45 £3.50 SOLD

W388 - Osprey front trigger guard screw £3.50 SOLD

W390 - Osprey cocking lever fulcrum pin - used good £5.00

W391 - Osprey stock recoil dowel £7.00

W398 - Trigger guard used very good condition £9.00

W417 - Front sight Junior, Jaguar, Ranger £6.20 OUT OF STOCK

W432 - Mark 3 loading tap (Webley part AR63 .22) used but perfect, .22 calibre. £45.00

W433 - Mark 3 loading tap spring and ball £4.00 SOLD

W434 - Webley mark 3 trigger block and complete trigger mechanism (late model) used very good condition, good bluing works perfectly £45.00

W435 - Mark 3 auxiliary cocking lever (cocking link) (webley part AR26) used very good condition, ready to fit. £22.00 OUT OF STOCK

W436 - Mark 3 spring guide, used very good condition. £15.00

W443 - Osprey part 31, pawl operating lever £6.00 SOLD

W444 - Osprey part 35, pawl operating lever spacer. £2.00 SOLD

W446 - Osprey part 64 and 65 loading lever latch and washer, used very good condition. £4.00 SOLD


W64 - Main spring £14.00

W70 - Piston seal Fits: Beeman C1, Vulcan Mk3, Xocet, Victor, Tomahawk, Omega, Excel, Stingray (pre 2006 Birmingham made)  £12 00

W273 - Breech seal £5.90

W120 - Piston washer/head assembly £19 00 OUT OF STOCK

W665 - Trigger axis pin, used perfectly good £2.00

W252 - Trigger, used perfectly good. £14.00

W254 - Barrel axis bolt, used perfectly good. £7.00


W46 - Leather breech seal £4.00

W47 - Main spring £15.00 OUT OF STOCK

W213 - Barrel axis bolt NEW  £9.00

W215 - Front trigger guard bolt £8.00

W214 - Cocking link axis bolt £6.00

W327 - Trigger/sear spring £3.00 OUT OF STOCK

W416 - Genuine new old stock mainsprings for Webley Falcon air rifle. With attached tag reading “FAL B51” on reverse and “WEBLEY REGD TRADEMARK” on front. Have been lightly cleaned after having been in storage wrapped in newspaper for many years. Will also fit MILBRO DIANA 27 air rifles. £17.00

W442 - Rearsight bodies £12.00

W458 - Falcon cocking link, used but perfectly usable. £15.00 SOLD

W460 - Sight element canister base as fitted to Mark 3. Black finish £5.00

W461 - Sight element canister base as fitted to Mark 3. Brass finish £5.00

- HAWK -

W261U - Stock fixing plate screws, used very good condition £5.00 pair

W478 - Mark 3 sear pin £2.00

 W479 - Mark 3 trigger adjustment screw used very good condition. £3.00 SOLD SOLD SOLD

W480 - Mark 3 trigger adjust screw locking screw, used very good condition. £3.00 SOLD SOLD SOLD

W510 - Muzzle weight for Tracker, heavy blued steel. Used very good condition. £25.00 SOLD

W487 - Mark 3 trigger guard in near new condition. £15.00

W489 - Webley mark 3 piston and seal, used, very good condition. £35.00 CAN SEND TO RFD ONLY OR COLLECT FROM OUR SHOP.

W406 - Sear to fit Vulcan Mk3, Excel, Stingray pre 2006, tracker, Victor, Viscount, Xocet, Hawk mk2 and 3 and Beeman C1. £19.00

W497 - A set of sling swivels to fit the Webley Mark 3. VERY RARE. Unused. £24.00

W274 - Trigger Webley Mark 3 £18.00

W511 - End block for Mark 3 series 3 to 6, very good condition with trigger adjusting screws £28.00

W521 - Webley Hawk mark 2 and 3, piston ring £9.50 OUT OF STOCK

W521 - Webley Osprey, piston ring £9.00 OUT OF STOCK

W526 - Trigger axis screw £6.00

W527 - Sear axis screw £7.00

W528 - Sear spring £4.00

W529 - Trigger block (late model) for pins not screws, very good condition. £24.00

W530 - Trigger block for series 3 to 5. Drilled and tapped for fitting of Parker Hale aperture sight. Used, good condition, slight patina. £28.00

W389 - Osprey pawl (Webley part number E31) £15.00


W564 - Webley Venom Custom Shop bolt handles, fit Birmingham made Raider and also Mamba. Internally threaded. £15.00

W565 - Rear sight to fit Jaguar, Junior, Ranger, Diana 22, 23, prewar Diana 25 etc £10.00

W574 - Webley piston and seal, used, very good condition. Fits Beeman C1, Excel, Vulcan, Stingray (British made) Victor and Xocet. £30.00 CAN SEND TO RFD OR YOU CAN COLLECT FROM OUR SHOP.

W578 - Falcon spring guide (Webley part number BB1) used very good condition £14.00 SOLD

W596 - Webley Service barrel carriage with links and barrel release button catch. Series 2 and 3 used, grey finish. £94.00

Also in stock W596B better condition £110.00

W605 - Mark 3 loading lever locking button, new £12.00

W633 - Mainspring tag as attached to a Mk3 mainspring. £10.00

W634 - Mainspring tag as supplied with Falcon mainspring. £10.00

W639 - A51 JAGUAR piston washer screw £7.00 OUT OF STOCK

W642 - A17 JAGUAR/RANGER piston support washer. £3.00

W643 - A46 JAGUAR/RANGER pivot pin. £12.00

W638 - B48 FALCON trigger guard rear screw £3.00

W640 - B42 FALCON piston washer screw. £4.00

W641 - B9 FALCON barrel joint retaining screw £5.00


W650 - Webley foresight hood. WILL NOT FIT MK3  £12.00

W591 - Webley Service action body. Brown finish but all markings visible. Very very light tool/vice marks to top of breach block, not very noticeable. With end plug/spring guide. £75.00 SOLD

W658 - Body for Webley Service mark 2 for rare 4th series with squared safety intercepter lugs. Good very clean condition,m clear markings, no original finish, has been polished, some light speckling overall, all screw threads are good, with its end cap/spring guide. £80.00


Fits the following pistols:

Mark 1, Senior, Premier, Junior, Junior mark 2, Premier mark 2, Tempest, Typhoon (1980s/90s), Hurricane.

And the following rifles:

Hawk mark 1-3, Vulcan mark 1-3, Beeman C1, Victor, Excel, Jaguar, Junior, Ranger.

W1p - Breech seal £3.50

W1p/4 - Pack of 4 seals (offering a saving over buying separately)

4 for £10.00

W1p/10 - Trade pack of  10 seals (offering a more substantial saving over buying them separately) 10 for £22.00

W662 - Barrel, cylinder and trigger block for mark 3, series 4 .22 with dumb bell scope ramp, very good condition, lots of original bluing but 2 drilled and tapped screw holes through top of scope ramp. They are skillfully done but the purpose of which we are not sure, fitting of some sort of scope system, serial numbered 44xxx. £40.00 CAN SEND TO RFD ONLY OR COLLECT FROM US, PHONE FOR DETAILS 01243 824284

W663 - The fixing screw and washer for Falcon rear sight. Used very good condition £4.00


W135 - Webley mk2 Service stock, newly manufactured item, fitted with a very nice repro plastic butt plate. £145.00 Both sides shown of the same stock

W667 - Cocking link for HAWK MARK 1, Used VGC £24.00

W671 - Venom Viper breach breech blocks, as new condition, have serial numbers. £25.00

W673 - Trigger assembly pin and circlip. Used very good condition (sold as pin and circlip) £2.00 SOLD

W673 - Trigger assembly pin and circlip. Used very good condition (sold as pin and circlip) £2.00 SOLD

W411 - Webley Service sear, unused genuine old part  £45.00

SOLD 1220

W561 - Breech sealing washers for Webley Mark 2 Service, genuine new-old-stock, red fibre £8.00


W675 - 10 shot magazine, .177 calibre. Not new but perfect condition. From a Raider 10. £12.00

W690 - Service mk2 butt plate and screws, original, used, fair condition. £30.00 SOLD

W689 - Service mk2 trigger block and trigger assembly, used, very good condition, working. £96.00 SOLD

W696 - Service mk2 trigger block rear fixing bolt, used, very good condition. £8.00

W695 - Service mk2 trigger block front bolt locking bolt, used,  good condition. £4.00 SOLD

W692 - Service mk2 trigger block front fixing bolt, used. £8.00 SOLD

W693 - Service mk2 series 2 peepsight, used (not complete) £35.00

W701- Service mk2 series 2 rearsight unit, elevation screw is missing, used, good condition. £50.0 SOLD0

W691 - Service mk2 rearsight, complete original, very good condition. £85.00 SOLD

W703 - Service mk2 barrel, .22 calibre, used, good clean straight bore smooth, slightly thin finish. £220 SOLD

W702 - Service mk2 barrel axis bolt and locking screw used, genuine, fair condition. £16.00 OUT OF STOCK

W705 - Service mark 2 long stock bolt (294mm 11and a half inches) £15.00 OUT OF STOCK

W704 - Service mark 2 short stock bolt 160mm (6.3 inch long)  £12.00

W713 - Webley Service mark 2 sear. Used, original £28.00 SOLD

W707 - Service mark 2, sear spring, used very good condition. £4.00 SOLD

W709 - Service mark 2 3rd series peep sight, used, good condition, original slightly brown, complete. £145.00 OUT OF STOCK

W711 - Service mark 1 barrel axis pin, late version, used, original. £8.00 SOLD

W712 - Webley mark 2 Service sear and trigger fixing screws, used, original. £6.00

W710 - Service mark 2 trigger, used, original, very good condition. £35.00

W708 - Service mark 2 trigger block, used, brown grainy finish. £55.00

W718 - Webley mark 3 trigger block for the Anshutx sighted Supertarget. Very good near new condition. £38.00

SOLD 0122

W719 - Barrel for a Stingray (Turkish made) .22 calibre, with front sight, in very good condition, 14”/360mm long. £35.00 COLLECT FROM OUR SHOP OR WE CAN POST IT TO A REGISTERED FIRE ARMS DEALER FOR YOU TO COLLECT.

W720 - Cylinder for Omega with axis bolt and cocking screw, good condition. £35.00 YOU CAN COLLECT FROM OUR SHOP OR WE CAN POST TO A REGISTERED FIRE ARMS DEALER FOR YOU TO COLLECT, PHONE 01243 824284

W722 - Omega barrel release catch, used (no plastic finger tab cover) £10.00

W723 - Omega barrel latch spring. £3.00

W724 - For late Webley Vulcan mark 3, can also upgrade early Vulcans (grooved wider blade) Webley part number is V30L) £20.00

STOCK REFERENCE 5086 - full action including screws and trigger guard for a Birmingham made Webley Xocet, fitted with open sights, cocks and shoots , reasonable power level quite good condition cylinder is very good, some minor rust speckling to the outside of the barrel. Screw heads are good, it just needs a stock and would have a nice working rifle. .22 calibre. £95.00 CAN COLLECT FROM US OR WE CAN SEND TO REGISTERED FIREARMS DEALER THEN YOU COLLECT FROM THEM. PHONE 01243 824284

W725 - Service mark 2 rear sight unit with reverse screw thread. Used, in very good condition. £55.00 SOLD


W732 - Hawk mark 2 cocking link axis pin, used, perfectly usable. £2.00 SOLD

W733 - Detent latch and spring for Hawk mark 3 used good condition. £5.00 SOLD

W735 - Cylinder and end cap and end pin for Webley Hawk mark 2, used, good condition. NOTE: At least one of the front stock screw holes has been re tapped/drilled for a larger thread size. CAN PICK UP FROM US OR COLLECT FROM AN RFD £20.00

W736 - Piston, complete with rings, used perfectly good, fits Hawk mark 2 and mark 3 (not mark 1). £25.00 COLLECT FROM OUR SHOP OR WE CAN SEND TO AN RFD FOR YOU TO COLLECT IN PERSON.

W89A - This is an original Webley badge, slightly yellowed and worn. £20.00 SOLD

W738 - Barrel support for Venom Viper and Mamba, new, unused, unopened. £20.00


W739 - Mk3 cocking link axis screw locking screw. £3.00 SOLD

W740 - Webley Mk3 front sight, with hood grooves, used. £25.00

W741 - Webley Mk3 rear sight, used in very good condition. £55.00


W120/W - Mark 3 genuine piston head assembly, new old stock, comprises 5 components (AR20 - AR24) £24.00

W742 - SPRING for the cocking lever button £4.00

W744 - Sear axis pin. £4.00

W745 - Barrel latch plunger spring. £6.00


W746 - Muzzle break to fit Axsor. With half inch UNF thread for silencer. Used, very good condition. £25.00

W747 - Venom Viper breech block and bolt. £30.00

W751 - Webley Service mark 2 stock and buttplkate and fixing bolt near new condition but one flake of wood missing where wood would meet metal (genuine, old Webley made) £150.00


W752 - O ring set for Raider. £5.00

W324 - Underlever catch, unfinished, and is slightly oversized base for wider grooves. c11.5mm base at its widest. File to fit. £24.00

W325 - Underlever latch, finished £28.00

These underlever catches look much better in real life than these photos.They are very nicely made and finished

W753 - Service Mark 2 intercepting sear and fixing pin (NO SPRING) Brand new exact copy of original, hardened and fully finished. £30.00

W760 - Front sight unit, Also fits Victor and Hawk mark 3. Complete and in very good condition. £28.00

W760U - Same thing but used, scratched finish, works. £20.00

W761 - Front sight unit for Birmingham (UK) made Stingray, fits up to c8mm dovetails, used in very good condition. £20.00

SOLD 03/23

STOCK161 - Service mark 2 in near new condition, apart from 1 long light scratch on left hand side. Supplied with stock bolt £140.00 THIS ITEM RESERVED BY CUSTOMER

Bit of a scratch!

W762 - Webley Service mark 2 cocking links, very good condition, new old stock.£18.00 pair. SOLD

W763 - Body tube with firing valve mechanism and inlet valve for a Webley pre charged air rifle. No trigger assembly, breech block or barrel. Not sure which model this is for, could be Axsor or FX2000 etc. Very good condition, lovely blued finish, not tested. Is 25” long. Photos show upper side and underneath. £90.00 CAN COLLECT FROM OUR SHOP OR WE CAN SEND TO RFD FOR YOU TO COLLECT, PHONE US.

W766 - Webley Service mark 2 piston. Used Very good condition plus new piston ring. £70.00 SOLD

W768 - Used, with very good piston head and as new leather cup seal £45.00 CAN COLLECT FROM US OR WE CAN SEND TO RFD FOR YOU TO COLLECT FROM THEM, PHONE BEFORE ORDERING.

SOLD 04/23

W771U - Mark 3 first type frontsight, (no grooves), superbly machined and supplied ready for polishing and blacking. £20.00

W771F - Mark 3 first type rear sight, (no grooves) finished. £24.00

W740N - Mark 3 front sight with hood grooves, brand new £26.00

W775 - Front sight hood/protector. Reproduction part made to the highest quality and correct fit and look. (Photo shows 3 we supply 1).


W776 - Tap lever, very nicely made by 3D printing in plastic. Brand new £9.00

W777 - Mark 3 tap lever, hand milled from solid steel, polished and blacked to a very high standard. £36.00

W777U - We also have unfinished version that requires polishing and bluing at £29.00

W778 - Body tube for Service Mark 2, good condition,some original finish,light wear to most of it,  all markings visible,  all threads are good, with its correct matching screw in end cap/spring guide. £75.00

SOLD 07/23

W782 - Webley breach seal inserting tool. New, blacked steel (Webley part number is M36) £10.00

W784 - Phosphor bronze piston ring. Made specially for us, very high quality. £25.00

W789 - Webley Service mark 2 aperture sight plunger - genuine new old stock £5.00 each

W790 - Webley Service mark 2 barrel release buttons. Genuine new old stock £22.00 each


W794 - Cocking lever for Osprey/Tracker/Viscount. With locking catch. Used very god condition. £40.00

SOLD 12/23

W800 - Mark 3 trigger axis pin, late. £2.20

W743 - Mark 3 AR40 spring, new old stock, with Webley metal tag fitted, we have limited stock of these. £25.00

SOLD 02/24 SOLD 02/24 SOLD 02/24

W804 - Piston, used, new cup washer has been fitted. £18.00 TO RFD ONLY OR COLLECT FROM OUR SHOP

SOLD 03/24 SOLD 03/24

W113U - Front stock bolt and pair of washers, used very good condition. £6.00 SOLD

W806 - Major working components of a late mark 3. Trigger unit seized so will not cock. No sights, no underlever catch, rest is quite good condition. STOCK NUMBER 5439 £60.00 CAN COLLECT FROM US OR WE CAN SEND TO REGISTERED FIREARMS DEALER FOR YOU TO COLLECT.

W807 - Sear to fit VULCAN, HAWK mark 2 and 3, VICTOR, VULCAN, TRACKER, OSPREY. Used in perfect condition. £24.00

W808p - Barrel axis bolt and nut, used, good condition. £4.50