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Webley Rifle parts


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PLEASE NOTE: Many parts for Webley air rifles are common to different models. If in doubt phone us and we will do our best to help and advise.


W131 - Cylinder end cap used good condition £10 00

W133 - Trigger adjust screw £3.00

W119 - Trigger, Hawk Mk2 & 3 (Webley part v24) Also for Vulcan £12 50

W134 - Loading tap lever spring £2 00


W70 - Piston seal Fits: Beeman C1, Vulcan Mk3, Xocet, Victor, Tomahawk, Omega, Excel, Stingray (pre 2006 Birmingham made)  £11 00

W71 -Mainspring £14.00 OUT OF STOCK


W66 - Cocking link and axis pin £8.00 SOLD

W67 - Mainspring £14.00

W171 - Front stock bolt £2.90

W1 - Breech seal £4.80

W119 - Trigger, Hawk Mk2 & 3 (Webley part v24) Also for Vulcan £12 50




W152 - spring guide £8

W153 - End cap £7

W154 - Trigger housing £8


W85 - Mainspring £16.00


W98 - Seel, breech block £3 00

W93 - Phosphor bronze piston seal  £16 00


W95 - Mainspring £16.20


W77 - Aux loading lever axis screw locking screw £6.00

W84 - Trigger guard, early type good condition £16.00

W86 - Loading tap side plate. Unfinished, requires polishing and blacking. £4.50

W87 - Loading tap side plate polished and blacked £12.50

W88 - Screw for side plates (shown above) £3.80 each (ONE SCREW)

W95 - Mainspring £16 20


W113 - Front stock bolt for newer models £4 50

W139 - Rear sight blade £18.50

W140 - Rear sight adjusting screw £14.20

W163 - Front trigger guard bolt £6.50

W168 - Front stock screw with washer £4.00

W97 -  Sear, Genuine Webley, very good condition £15.90

~~~ Most parts in stock for dispatch usually same day ~~~

~~~ Flat rate postage charge of £3.50 (air guns  £16.00 to send) ~~~

Air guns can not be ordered by Paypal. Phone us to place order using credit/debit card. Barrels, pistons and air guns later than 1939 can only be sent to a registered fire arms dealer. Postage rates shown for UK if outside of UK contact us first. 01243 827500

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W232 - Trigger spring (Webley no AR87) £4.00

W240 - Barrel axis pin, also fits Vulcan £4.00

W244 - End cap/barrel stop pin for mark 2 and 3 £4.00

W246 - Front stock bolt Hawk mark 3 also fits Vulcan £3.00 OUT OF STOCK

W247 - Detent latch engaging pin for mark 2 and 3 also fits Vulcan £4.00

W251 - Piston for mark 2 and 3 used  VGC £25.00 CAN SEND TO RFD ONLY

W247R - Trigger blade and sear assembly.  Fits Jaguar and Ranger £12.00

MD12S - Trigger spring fits webley Jaguar Ranger Junior £3.00

W89 - Repro part. Webley badge. £15.00


Original part. Modern Webley badge. £15.00


W1 - Breech seal £4.80

W71 - Main spring £14.00 OUT OF STOCK

W133 - Trigger adjust screw £2 00

W220 - Trigger pin circlip (also fits Victor and Excel) Part V26 £2.00

W228 - Rear trigger guard bolt £3.00

W245 - Trigger spring 4.69mm - 5mm x 20mm £3.25

W243 - End plug retaining pin £3.00

W252 - Piston for Vulcan used  VGC £25.00 CAN SEND TO RFD ONLY

W70 - Piston seal Fits: Beeman C1, Vulcan Mk3, Xocet, Victor, Tomahawk, Omega, Excel, Stingray (pre 2006 Birmingham made)  £11 00

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W245 - Trigger spring 4.69mm - 5mm x 20mm Hawk Mark 2 and Mark 3 £3.25

W245 - Trigger spring 4.69mm - 5mm x 20mm £3.25

W202 - Trigger adjust screw locking screw £8.00

W201 - Trigger adjust screw £8.00

W200 - Lever axis bolt  £7.00

W199 - Cocking link axis bolt £6.50

W196 - Stock fixing plates £14.00

W208 - Fixing screw for piston head £3.00

W261 - Stock fixing plate screw £3.00 each

We have air gun stocks…click here

W273 - Breech seal £5.90

W273 - Breech seal for British built Stingray 2006 onwards  £5.90


W245 - Trigger spring 4.69mm - 5mm x 20mm £3.25


W273 - Breech seal (British Patriot)  £5.90

W273 - Breech seal  (British built rifle) £5.90


W143 - Mainspring £15.20 OUT OF STOCK

W145 - Piston head assembly £17 00

W190 - Front trigger guard bolt £4.90

W193 - Nut for barrel axis bolt £2.50 OUT OF STOCK

W218 - Trigger axis screw (part A68) £5.80

W217 - Front stock bolt AND washer (parts A40 & A41) £5.00

W1 - Breech seal £4.80

W286 - Trigger guard, used very good condition, one small scratch 5mm long on underside £10.00

W298 - Rearsight, new £54.00

W318 - Loading lever link pivot screw and nut assembly. Fits Jaguar, Ranger, Junior rifles. £8.00 OUT OF STOCK

W324 - Underlever catch, unfinished £15.00

W325 - Underlever latch, finished £20.00

W326 - Rear trigger guard screw £2.00

These underlever catches look much better in real life than these rough photos.

W331 - Webley Mark 3 loading lever. Used, complete with plunger, good condition. £30.00

W273 - Breech seal £5.90

W333 - Webley mark 3 tap lever screw, hand turned for perfect fit (unlike some other suppliers product). These require polishing and blackening £7.00

W334 - This version of the tap lever screw has been polished and blacked to a high standard. £9.00


W342 - Mark 3 rifle, stock locating plug (AR42) £18.00

W352 - Vulcan series 1 and 2 front trigger guard screw £3.00

W354 - Series 3 Vulcan front trigger guard bolt (V100) £3.00

W356 - Front stock bolt (V94) £3.00

W357 - Rear trigger guard bolt (V90) £2.10

W358 - Cocking link (loading lever) (V31)  £27.00

W368 - Loading tap, brand new £13.80

W369 - Piston washer rings, pair of £18.00 the pair

W381 - Osprey sear spring £6.00

W382 - Osprey fulcrum pin circlip £1.60

W383 - Osprey/Tracker/Viscount/Victor/ulcan/Hawk/Excel mk2 and 3, Beeman 1, V23 + E23 £4.00

W385 - Osprey cocking lever fulcrum pin circlip £1.50 SOLD OUT

W386 - Osprey front stock screw E89 £4.00

W387 - Osprey link fulcrum pin E45 £3.50 SOLD

W388 - Osprey front trigger guard screw £3.50

W390 - Osprey cocking lever fulcrum pin - used good £5.00

W391 - Osprey stock recoil dowel £7.00

W398 - Trigger guard used very good condition £9.00

W402 - Windage adjustment for Webley rearsights, new old stock,good slightly scuffed condition £9.00 each

W410 - Peepsight for Webley Service mark 2 3rd series. Hand made hand polished, perfectly blacked finish. Complete with plunger and spring £138.00

W411 - Webley Service sear, unused genuine old part  £45.00

W412 - Webley Mark 3 also fits  Late Service mark 2 rear sight used very good condition £48.00

W417 - Front sight Junior, Jaguar, Ranger £4.90

W430 - mainspring, used but perfect £15.00 SOLD

W432 - Mark 3 loading tap (Webley part AR63 .22) used but perfect, .22 calibre. £45.00 SOLD

W433 - Mark 3 loading tap spring and ball £4.00

W434 - Webley mark 3 trigger block and complete trigger mechanism (late model) used very good condition, good bluing works perfectly £40.00 SOLD

W435 - Mark 3 auxiliary cocking lever (cocking link) (webley part AR26) used very good condition, ready to fit. £25.00 OUT OF STOCK

W436 - Mark 3 spring guide, used very good condition. £15.00

W443 - Osprey part 31, pawl operating lever £6.00 SOLD

W444 - Osprey part 35, pawl operating lever spacer. £2.00 SOLD

W446 - Osprey part 64 and 65 loading lever latch and washer, used very good condition. £4.00 SOLD


W64 - Main spring £14.00

W70 - Piston seal Fits: Beeman C1, Vulcan Mk3, Xocet, Victor, Tomahawk, Omega, Excel, Stingray (pre 2006 Birmingham made)  £11 00

W273 - Breech seal £5.90

W120 - Piston washer/head assembly £15 00

W317 - Original Webley made piston washer/head assembly £18 00

W251 - Trigger axis pin, used perfectly good £2.00

W252 - Trigger, used perfectly good. £14.00

W254 - Barrel axis bolt, used perfectly good. £7.00


W46 - Leather breech seal £4.00

W47 - Main spring £15.00 OUT OF STOCK

W138 - Piston seal , leather with metal cup and bolt £15.50

W213 - Barrel axis bolt £7.50

W215 - Front trigger guard bolt £6.00

W214 - Locking link axis bolt £6.00

W327 - Trigger/sear spring £3.00 OUT OF STOCK

W416 - Genuine new old stock mainsprings for Webley Falcon air rifle. With attached tag reading “FAL B51” on reverse and “WEBLEY REGD TRADEMARK” on front. Have been lightly cleaned after having been in storage wrapped in newspaper for many years. Will also fit MILBRO DIANA 27 air rifles. £17.00

W442 - Rearsight bodies £12.00

W458 - Falcon cocking link, used but perfectly usable. £15.00

W459 - Canister with 4 elements within and fixing screws. For Mark 3, brass, marked AGP MADE IN ENGLAND. £32.00

W460 - Sight element canister base as fitted to Mark 3. Black finish £5.00

W461 - Sight element canister base as fitted to Mark 3. Brass finish £5.00


W466 - Front sight base and hood (no fixing screw though) for to be fitting Patriot, Eclipse and Stingray rifles. All metal construction. £15.00

W471 - Webley mark 3 piston, old stock, unused, sent to Lewes Gun Room, East Sussex 30th January 1980 (Wednesday, same as this year 2019)  with original invoice from Webley and Scott. £35.00 CAN SEND TO RFD OR COLLECT DIRECT FROM OUR SHOP.

W473 - Mark 3 front sight blade element post, used very good condition. £15.00

W261U - Stock fixing plate screws, used very good condition £5.00 pair

W342U - As left but a used part, good condition. £14.00

W476 - Mark 3 tap lever late type used £30.00

W478 - Mark 3 sear pin £2.00

W479 - Mark 3 trigger adjustment screw used very good condition. £3.00

W480 - Mark 3 trigger adjust screw locking screw, used very good condition. £3.00

W485 - Muzzle protector half UNF fitting, used but as new condition. £12.00

W510 - Muzzle weight for Tracker, heavy blued steel. Used very good condition. £25.00 SOLD

W487 - Mark 3 trigger guard in near new condition. £15.00

W488 - Cannister, Parker Hale, no elements. Sed good condition. £30.00

W489 - Webley mark 3 piston and seal, used, very good condition. £35.00 CAN SEND TO RFD ONLY OR COLLECT FROM OUR SHOP.

W491 - Cocking lever with detent latch for Webley mark 3, has some surface rust. £15.00

W406 - Sear to fit Vulcan Mk3, Excel, Stingray pre 2006, tracker, Victor, Viscount, Xocet, Hawk mk2 and 3 and Beeman C1. £19.00

W470 - Open sight unit, used complete and working. Finish is tarnished, complete with elevation adjustment screw. £14.00

W497 - A set of sling swivels to fit the Webley Mark 3. VERY RARE. Unused. £24.00

W496 - Rearsight assembly, complete to fit Vulcan, Victor, Hawk mark 3, Osprey, Hurricane pistol etc. Later plain black numbers. Used very good condition. £44.00

W502 - Front sight hood to fit Hurricane, Vulcan, Eclipse, Excel, Hawk mark 2 and 3, Osprey, Victor etc £9.00

W505 - Mounts to fit Webley Service rifle and also early BSA type scope mounts. Could be modified to fit more recent sizes of mounts. £15.00 the pair.

W274 - Trigger Webley Mark 3 £18.00

W507 - Front sight hood good used condition. £12.00

W508 - Barrel for Hawk mark 3, also fits Vulcan, Victor etc. .22 calibre, fair condition, used,clean straight bore. £22.00 CAN SEND TO RFD ONLY OR YOU CAN COLLECT FROM OUR SHOP.

W509 - Rearsight blade Weblley Hawk mark 1, genuine part (pictured from 2 angles) £25.00

W511 - End block for Mark 3 series 3 to 6, very good condition with trigger adjusting screws £28.00

W512 - Mark 3 trigger block for series 2 (but will fit later actions) with detachable end cap. Very good condition £32.00

W513 - Old Webley butt plate, hard plastic material, good condition. Screw holes are 73mm apart centre to centre, 124mm over all length. £18.00

W515 - Trigger for Webley Vulcan, Hawke Mk2, Osprey, Tracker, Victor, Viscount, Vulcan mark 3. £12.50

W516 - Nylon spring guide and top hat for Vulcan, Victor, Beeman C1 etc. £15.00

W520 - Sear spring, Webley Hawk mark 2 and 3, (Webley part ref 1593) £6.00

W521 - Webley Hawk mark 2 and 3, piston ring £9.00

W521 - Webley Osprey, piston ring £9.00

W523 - Trigger block for Mark 3 factory fitted for Parker Hale PH173 dioptor sight. Good condition, no screws/trigger parts. Some marring/hammer marks below where stock would come up to (not visiable once assembled in to stock) Sight operates perfectly. Adjustable 6 hole iris eyepiece. £90.00

W524 - Webley Mark 3 trigger block, good condition. £15.00

W525 - Mark 3 trigger axis pin £3.00

W526 - Trigger axis screw £6.00

W527 - Sear axis screw £7.00

W528 - Sear spring £4.00

W529 - Trigger block (late model) for pins not screws, very good condition. £24.00

W530 - Trigger block for series 3 to 5. Drilled and tapped for fitting of Parker Hale aperture sight. Used, good condition, slight patina. £28.00

W531 - Webley Hawk mark 3 barrel detent catch and spring used very good condition. £6.00

W534 - Front sight unit to fit Webley Victor. Used good condition, also fits mark 2 and 3  and other Webleys. With allen headed screw imperial size. £18.00

W535 - Osprey/Tracker/Viscount cocking lever assembly. Complete, used, good condition but some surface tarnishing. £24.00

W536 - Webley Osprey/Tracker/Viscount pawl (part 31) used, VGC £12.00

W389 - Osprey pawl (Webley part number E31) £15.00

W359 - WEBLEY SERVICE third series c1937 £120.00

Oh deary me. At one point human hands that crafted this in to one of the finest air rifles ever made. Now, due to human intervention, its a pile of poop! We tried a barrel in this it does not cock. Something is wrong with the trigger mechanism there is also a lot wrong with the rest of it. There is no bolt handle, no sights, no interceptor sear. Barrel carriage is ok apart from obviously wrong pin has been put through it. There is a piston and spring inside. The markings are all there on the cylinder, the stock is pretty much firewood. Broken through the stock and done up with duck tape, make of this what you will, you would have to be a skilled craftsman to make something good. This is how they can end up.

W561 - Breech sealing washers for Webley Mark 2 Service, genuine new-old-stock, red fibre £8.00

W562 - Breech seal with brass bushing for Webley Service air rifle, genuine old item unused. £12.00