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Webley Pistol parts


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PLEASE NOTE: Many parts for Webley air pistols are common to different models. If in doubt phone us and we will do our best to help and advise.


W1p - Breech seal £3.50 see top of page


W78p - Breach seel £2.50

W175p  -Middle link £9.50

W3p - Sear springs £4.00

W5p - Smal link/Cocking shoe £12 50

W6p - Sear £8.00

W25p - Main spring £9.50

W12p - Cocking link pin £1.20

W13p - Long link £12.50

W91p - Stirrup latch £10 00

W158p - Grips, black, left and right £19.00


W1p - Breech seal £3.50 see top of page

W25p - Main spring £9.50

W4p - Piston seal washer £12.00

W175p -Middle link £9.50

W5p - Smal link/Cocking shoe £12.50

W10p - Cocking link assembly £29.00 OUT OF STOCK

W12p - Cocking link pin £1.00

W13p - Long link £12.50



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W1p - Breech seal £3.50 see top of page

W36p - Piston, Used, pre war part  £25.00

W83p - Piston seal and insert £14.50

W150p - Barrel axis screw (Webley part no J19) £7.00

W170 p- Stirrup catch for mark 2 Junior £21.00

W176 p- Barrel top catch spring (J25) £1.50 OUT OF STOCK

~~~ Most parts in stock for dispatch usually same day ~~~

~~~ Flat rate postage charge of £3.90 (air guns  £12.00 to send) ~~~

Air guns can not be ordered by Paypal. Phone us to place order using credit/debit card. Barrels, pistons and air guns later than 1939 can only be sent to a registered fire arms dealer. Postage rates shown for UK if outside of UK contact us first. 01243 827500

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W23p - Piston £25.00 OUT OF STOCK

W24p - Barrel catch joint screw £6.00

W25p - Main spring £9.50

W27p - Axis bolt lock screw £4 60 NO MORE STOCK

W28p - Barrel axis bolt & lock screw £14.00 OUT OF STOCK

W92p - Phosphor bronze piston seal (for early Senior) Genuine Webley. £24.00 each OUT OF STOCK

W155p - Trigger guard £29.95

W142fp - Rear sight blade £5

W142up - Rearsight blade un finished, needs polishing and bluing £3

W25p - Mainspring £9.50


Many Typhoon parts are same as used on Hurricane & Tempest.

W25p - Mainspring £9.50

W25p MAIN SPRINGS - fits lots of Webley pistols, we have bulk purchased these so are now offering them at only £9.50

 (Previously £15.00)

Trade & bulk deals available

7.4” long with 32.5 turns, round section.


W37p - Junior main spring

Were £15 now £9.50

Bulk and trade deals, phone us 01243 827500



Phone up & order it

01243 827500

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W1p - Breech seal £3.50 see top of page

W31p - Piston £35.00

W617p- Leather piston seal and insert and screw with c7mm thread £18.00 £14.00

W108p - Piston head retaining screw £7.00

W25p - Main spring (also fits the rare Mark 2)  £9.50

W28p - Barrel axis bolt & lock screw £14.00 OUT OF STOCK

W142Fp - Rear sight blade £5.00

W142Up - Rearsight blade un finished, needs polishing and bluing £3.00

W209P - Fixing screw AND WASHER for rear sight  £4.00

W236p - Piston. Used but fully working, with leather seal £29.00 SOLD


Beautifully made replicas of Webley boxes from yesteryear, ideal for collectors.


We have air gun stocks…click here

WB40p - Fore end for Beeman Hurricane. Brand new. £18.00

W185p - Stirrup catch fixing screw £6.00

W186p - Barrel catch plunger (Webley part no S33 £4.00

W186ap - SPRING for the barrel catch plunger (Webley part no S32) £2.00

W195p - Trigger guard, Webley part no S7 £28.50

W210p - Fixing screw for rear sight £4.50 OUT OF STOCK

W225p - Trigger used good cond. £10.00 OUT OF STOCK

W224p - Trigger guard used good cond. £22.00

W279p - Trigger assembly pins, used but serviceable £1 each OUT OF STOCK

W40p - Webley Hurricane fore ends.  New style Hurricane fore end hoods - upgrade your used pistol by replacing this easily damaged part to a brand new one. Available while stocks last £18.50

W397p - Grip screw £3.30 each

W301p - The nut for the grip screw £4.50 each

W302p - The spring for the safety catch £4.20

W397p - Grip screw £3.30 each

W301 - The nut for the grip screw £4.50 each

W302p - The spring for the safety catch £4.20

W322p - Barrel catch plunger spring £4.00

W328p - Beeman Tempest fore end brand new. £18.00

W337p - Link fulcrum £6.00

W337p - Link fulcrum £7.50

W341p - Barrel .177 calibre . 1 lug for linkage has been broken and repaired by welding (will be OK to fit). Fair condition cosmetically £24.00 can send to RFD only.


W39p - Piston seal for mark 1 £14.50 SOLD

W1p - Breech seal £3.50 see top of page

W28p  - Barrel axis & lock screw £14.00 OUT OF STOCK

W79p - Piston seal for Premier mark 2 £9.50 OUT OF STOCK

W109p - Premier Mark 2 piston £25 00 CAN SEND TO RFD OR COLLECT FROM US

W122p - Horizontal sight blade retainer (Webley part No. C54/S18)  Mk1 /2  £6 00 OUT OF STOCK

W25p - Main spring £9.50

W27p - Axis bolt lock screw £4 60

W142F - Rear sight blade £5 0

W142U - Rearsight blade un finished, needs polishing and bluing £3

W172p - Stirrup catch for Premier mark 2 £21.00 OUT OF STOCK

W173p - Stirrup catch fixing bolt £6.00

W183p - Trigger. Used good condition £14.00

W184p - sear spring part no m16 £3.00

W195p - Trigger guard, Webley part no S7 £28.50

W254 - Retaining screw for piston seal mark 1 £4.00 OUT OF STOCK

W315p - Barrel catch spring and plunger £6.00

W344p - Tag for spare mainspring (Premier  pistol|) original 1960s/70s £10.00

Both sides of same tag shown

W349p - Trigger, not new but excellent condition £12.00

W349p - Trigger, not new but excellent condition £12.00

W349p - Trigger, not new but excellent condition £12.00

W350p - Body only for rear sight. No blade £4.00

W351p - Complete rear sight assembly £22.00 SOLD

W360p - Tempest trigger guard pin (T51) £2.00

W361p - Tempest barrel axis pin (T26) £4.00 OUT OF STOCK

W362p - Premier sear  P1002 and M4 £22.00

W396p - Pistol grip nut, Webley part number T64, Typhoon, Tempest & Hurricane. £4.00

W397p - Grip screw Webley part T65 for Tempest & Hurricane. £3.00

W401p - Piston head screw fits Junior and Mark 1 pistols. Webley part number J16A £4.95

WEBLEY swing tickets, stunning reproductions of tickets attached to post war Webley pistols.


W408p - Junior pistol small link (Webley part number is J11) £12.00 OUT OF STOCK



W418p - Rear sight slide (Webley part number S18) £6.40

W419p - Senior pistol short link (Webley part number S27) Also fits Premiere £15.00

W420p - Junior pistol long link (Webley part number J9) £14.00

W421p - Junior pistol trigger, genuine new, old stock, bit tarnished will easy clean up (Webley part number J6) £15.00

W438p - Trigger adjusting screw for pre and post war mark 1 pistol. Genuine old stock unused.£12.00

W448p - Sear for premier mark 2 (part number c16) £25.00 OUT OF STOCK

W462p - Sear. (Webley part number is S5) brand new £35.00

Looking for an original Typhoon box? We may have one...click here

W362p - Sear,Webley mark 1 pistol  part no M4 and p1002 £22.00

W490p - Piston, complete for mark 1 prewar will fit later mark 1 pistol as well £45.00 OUT OF STOCK

W522p - Barrel catch screw (Webley part C49) £9.00

W568p - Stirrup catch,used very good condition (please note, although it looks like it will, it will NOT fit a Premier)


W569 - Rearsight assembly for Premier, used very good condition £15.00 SOLD

W570 - Premier mark 1 piston and seal. Used, very good condition. £25.00 CAN SEND TO RFD OR YOU CAN COLLECT FROM OUR SHOP.

W571p - Senior pistol barrel catch screw. Used, very good condition. £4.50

W586p - Junior barrel and linkage .177 smoothbore, good condition. Prewar £40.00 SOLD

W607p - S12 senior breeech seeel with brass bushing genuine webley £8.00

W426p - S5 senior sear (new type) ££35.00

W21p - S21 barrel axis screw Senior, Premier and Mark 1 £8.50 OUT OF STOCK

W21p - S21 barrell axis screw Senior, Premier and Mark 1 £8.50 OUT OF STOCK

W21p - S21 barrell axis screw Senior, Premier and Mark 1 £8.50

W608p - S6 Senior trigger £15.00

W609p - S16 Senior trigger spring £4.60

W610p - S25 Senior long link £26.00

W612p - J18a Junior grip screw £6.00 FOR A PAIR OUT OF STOCK

W611p -  J15 junior leather breech seal, original old part. £6.00

W615p - J24 Junior sear spring. SOLD

W613p - J22 Junior trigger pin. £2.00

W614p - J5a Junior top catch (post war) series 2 version. £40.00

W401p - J16 Junior piston screw £4.95

W616p - J23 Junior top catch pin. £3.00

W105SP- Leather piston seal and insert with small thread size (c5mm) £19.00

W628p - M32 trig adjustscrew keeper screw, new old stock £3.30 OUT OF STOCK

W627p - M25 long link £20.00

W625p - M19 sight £15.00

W624p - M18 mark plus prewar trigger spring £2.00

W623p - M12 leather breech seal mark 1 pistol £6.00

W622p - M16 sear spring £2.00


W619p - M28 top catch , new old stock £45.00

W438p - Trigger adjusting screw Genuine old stock unused.£12.00

W651p - Rear sight blade for Webley mark 1, EARLY MODEL with end plate retaining screw (Webley part 19) Used genuine old part, good condition £8.00 SOLD

W562p - Webley Premier barrel and linkage, very good condition, blued, .22 calibre £55.00 CAN SEND TO RFD OR YOU CAN COLLECT FROM OUR SHOP.

W653p - Senior body end cap marked “do not remove” As new condition unused, new old stock, very rare as they were not supplied as spares by Webley. A few only in stock. £35.00 each photo shown 3 sides of same one.

W656p - Rearsight assembly complete used very good condition. £15.00 OUT OF STOCK


We have a collection of these in varying conditions and prices.


W659 - Rearsight assembly, fits Hurricane. Complete as new. £46.00

SOLD 1220

W4p - Piston seal  washer £12.00

W211p - Screw for pistol grip £4.00

W681p - Locking screw for the trigger adjust screw. Used VGC £3.00 SOLD

W682p - Safety catch retaining screw Used VGC £3. 00SOLD

W683p/A - Sear and trigger guard pin. Used £1.00

W684p - Trigger adjusting screw , Used. £4.00 SOLD

W685p - Trigger and spring, used VGC £15.00 SOLD

W686p - Sear and sear spring used VGC £15.0 SOLD0

W687p - Rear sight plus rearsight fixing screw. Used good condition. £10.00

W688p - Rearsight locking screw. Used VGC £3.00

W689p - Barrel catch and spring (early model) Used very good condition. £32.00 SOLD

W690p - Safety catch and spring, used very good condition. £30.00

W691p - Mark 1 frame with trigger guard (no end plugs) Very good condition. Serial number 41xxx £45.00

W676p - PRE WAR Junior pistol trigger, used, good condition. £8.00

W678p - Trigger/sear pin. £1.00 each

W677p - End cap and spring guide, used, fair condition (from a pre war model) £8.00 OUT OF STOCK

W679p - 1977-1982, brown grips, used very good condition. £35.00 pair

W680p - Webley Junior grips, original, used, very good condition. £30.00 pair

W681p - Tempest and Hurricane RIGHT HAND grip, new/near new £12.00 each

W683p/B - Rearsight blade Webley part J20)  £8.00



Fits the following pistols:

Mark 1, Senior, Premier, Junior, Junior mark 2, Premier mark 2, Tempest, Typhoon (1980s/90s), Hurricane.

And the following rifles:

Hawk mark 1-3, Vulcan mark 1-3, Beeman C1, Victor, Excel, Jaguar, Junior, Ranger.

W1p - Breech seal £3.50

W1p/4 - Pack of 4 seals (offering a saving over buying separately)

4 for £10.00

W1p/10 - Trade pack of  10 seals (offering a more substantial saving over buying them separately) 10 for £22.00

W684p - Barrel .177 fair condition, light pitting at muzzle end. £38.00 CAN SEND TO RFD OR YOU CAN COLLECT FROM OUR SHOP.

W685p - Rare part, Birmingham made Webley Tempest forend., New condition old stock. £28.00

W716p - Webley Senior, Barrel and linkage, .177 calibre Pre war made, good condition, clean bore. £65.00 SOLD

W717p - Webley Senior barrel and linkage, made June 1939 so prewar/antique, first type with knurling patent no on short link, very good condition, .177 £75.00 SOLD

SOLD 0122 SOLD 0122 SOLD

W730p - This magazine believed to be from a Webley Mark 2 starting pistol, .22 calibre. 73mm long. £12.00