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~~~ Flat rate postage charge of £3.50 (air guns  £16.00 to send) ~~~

Air guns can not be ordered by Paypal. Phone us to place order using credit/debit card. Barrels, pistons and air guns later than 1939 can only be sent to a registered fire arms dealer. Postage rates shown for UK if outside of UK contact us first. 01243 827500

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B73 - Detent latch and spring Used bot very good condition BSA cadet major £8.00

B75 - Spring guide for Major second hand, good condition £9.00

B76 - Rearsight blade for Major  (modern repro) £18.50

B79 - Cadet Major cocking link 16-462 (Used, good condition) £19.00

B91 - Breech seal £4 00

B99 - Front stock screw (cheese head top BSA part 16-717)  £7.00

B128- Cadet mainspring £15.00


B129 - Cadet Major mainspring £15.50

B135 - Stock bolt, used perfect condition £10.00 OUT OF STOCK


B153 - Cocking lever catch button with spring £18.50

B93 - Cocking Lever for BSA S or T model. Used but in very good condition smooth no pitting but worn to grey silvery colour could easy be refinished. £48 00

B97 - Cocking lever axis pin for BSA A, C, T, late S + L models £8.00

B122 - New piston head assembly to BSA Standard model A, C, L, & CS and T and S £17.00

B10 - Mainspring to fit the S, T, and CS models £10.80

B136 - Cocking link axis bolt for S, T, C, CS, A underlevers £11.50 OUT OF STOCK 

B170 - Trigger axis screw for Standard and Light models £9.50

B175 - Trigger guard rear screw £3.50

B176F - Front sight for pre war underlever & breakdown ptn, blacked  finish non shiny to match good used rifles £15.00

B177F - Cast steel, polished and blued. Nicely finished. £47.00 OUT OF STOCK

B177U - Unfinished

As cast £32.00 OUT OF STOCK

TRIGGER GUARDS for BSA S and L underlevers, prewar. Will fit imp model D but no trigger adjustment.

B177P - Spruce removed and polished out ready for final polishing and bluing £39.00 OUT OF STOCK


units to fit prewar BSA underlever air rifles and BSA Cadet Major and airsporter Mk1. Modified design with click adjustable elevation wheel and lock screw to prevent loss of zero. Blacked finish, will fit directly on to most BSA models, may need VERY SLIGHT filing on some examples due to the rifles sights originally being hand fitted when made!. Will also fit Diana Haenel and other rifles which originally had this design of rearsight. The sight measures 19.56mm (0.771”) across, to fit in grooves of 10.6mm (0.417 inches)


This design keeps the spirit of the orignal, while offering a very positive adjustment of zero point, making it ideal for vintage airgun shooters, shooting at different ranges.

Special care has been taken with the finish of this rearsight. We believe it to be superior to any other reproduction sight currently available.

Money back if you are not delighted.


B71 - Keeper screw for the cocking lever axis screw. £5.00

B74 - Keeper screw for the cocking link axis screw £5.00

B80 - Cocking link axis screw £9.75

B81 - Cocking lever axis screw £11.50

B72 - H section rearsight blade plus screw (modern repro)  £26.40

B90 - trigger axis screw reproduction part. Please note this is the 5.5mm version, they changed to a smaller diameter at some stage, please check what size you need before ordering. £12.00

B122 - Piston washer, leather buffer and dished washer £17.00

We have some 2nd hand parts available for pre 1939s, phone us with your requirements.

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B59 - Mainspring for BSA Ladies/light pattern air rifle. with 8” total length cylinder properly designed for this model. Not a “titanic” great spring which needs cutting down but a suitable length flat ended spring which will give adequate power in these old ladies! (will not fit juvenile models due to slimmer cylinder diameter) £16.00 SORRY, TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK

B188 - Breech seal for BSA BREAKDOWN rifle. Leather 5/8” OD, 6mm ID, 2.4mm thick. £3.00

B176P - Front sight for pre war underlever & breakdown ptn, Polished and blacked to match refinished rifles £19.00

B176U - Front sight for pre war underlever & breakdown ptn, unfinished (if you want to do the finishing yourself) £12.50

B198 - Front stock screw for EARLY Cadet or Cadet Major BSA part 16-717A £8.50

Phone up & order it

01243 827500

Quick & easy

B211 - Sight screws, width at thread is 6mm about quarter inch £14.50 each

B219 - BSA Sandard ‘U’ profile rear sight blade. £17.20

Reproduction parts to fit turret type sight as on BSA Standard & late improved model D rifles. Available as finished or unfinished. 19mm wide.







B236 - Tap retaining plate screw £4.00 each

B236 - Tap retaining plate screw £4.00 each

We have air gun stocks…click here

B239 - Piston head assembly £17.00

B243 - Sight elevation screw £15.00

B244 - Barrel axis pin USED £4.00


8.92mm wide at base, 14.75mm high

B176B - Front sight for pre war underlever & breakdown ptn, Brown finish for older  looking rifles £17.00


Specially manufactured trigger guard screws to fit all pre war BSAs BUT NOT juvenile. To fit Juvenile you have to shorten thread. We offer 3 different finishes:

B271 - White £7.50 pair

B272 - Blued finish £7.70 pair

B273 - Brown finish £8.00 pair


B279 - Stock and trigger block  for BSA T series (c1939) fairly good condition, hairline crack (not open) down one side of block, with stock bolt cover plate. £60.00

B282 - For early Lincoln Jeffries pattern raer sight 15.85mm .625inch wide, hand finished and tried in 2 different bases for proper fit. £18.00

B283 - Rear sight elevating screw - BSA Lincoln Jeffries pattern, correct thread form £14.00

B285 - Lincoln Jeffries pattern trigger adjusting screw with nut £15.00

B292 - Piston for Cadet major, used good condition  £24.00 CAN SEND ONLY TO AN RFD

B296 - Cocking lever complete. Bayonet catch. 300mm (12 inches) long, fair condition, has had modification/damage at detent latch but does work. No markings. Brown grainy finish £40.00

B295 - Cocking lever complete for pre 1919 BSA improved model D light model, 235mm/9.25 inch long, pitted finish, BSA patent numbers to underside £40.00

B298 - Cocking lever for BSA improved model D slide catch finger button broken, does not work has been modified with a pin to secure the latch. 305mm long £35.00

B299 - Trigger block with sear axis screw, for BSA L model. Used, fair condition, 2 hole block. £28.00

B301 - Loading tap .177  used good condition £44.00 SOLD

B302 - Loading tap cover plate, used good condition SOLD

B303 - Sear used good condition SOLD

B304 - Sear axis bolt, used good condition £8.00 OUT OF STOCK

B305 - Trigger axis screw used good condition £8.00

Underlever catches for BSA L, S, T, C, A, AND CS MODELS and Diana 42, 45, 48, 58. Available in finished or unfinished which may require some filing on underneath. Order as

B306F -  (finished) £18.00

B306U - (unfinished) £14.00

BSA part number is 1919-39

(Also on Diana page)

B310 - BSA STANDARD cocking lever axis bolt £12.50

B313 - H section rear sight blade, 20mm wide for prefixes S, L and CS £18.75 OUT OF STOCK

B320 - Barrel axis (hinge) pin, BSA part number 16-422 BRAND NEW £5.80

B342 - Trigger block for Cadet

Used very good condition Serial number in the CA series.


B343 - Cadet Major barrel .177, good condition a few hammer marks on left of breech block, good clean straight bore, no sights fitted £30.00 Price includes a brand new leather breec seel to be fitted by purchaser. CAN SEND TO RFD ONLY.

B344 - Cocking link for BSA Cadet, used, good condition. £15.00


B357 - Barrel, .177 calibre, for Cadet. Good clean straight bore but pitted and painted outside. £15.00 CAN ONLY SEND TO RFD, PHONE US FOR DETAILS 01243 827500

B350 - Packs of  BSA targets dating from 70s or 80s 4” wide glossy card targets, boxes say quantity 25 on them but there are about 20 per box (not because we’ve had a few out but because this is how we found them) £6.00 per box.

B365 - Contains 23 targets, BSA card targets in box. £6.00



Box in good order, note the “Kleenwell oil” on the far right of box has been replaced with a “ Saftipaste”. Could be pre war or 1950s.


We are in the process of having

some more made.