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B63 - Mounts to fit BSA Meteor Mk 1 that had two sets of scope mount grooves instead of the ubiquitous single long pair of grooves. These mounts will fit a 26mm (1 inch) telescopic sight tube. Good build quality and made to last.


B137 - -  Front stock screw fits Lightning etc BSA part no. 16-3038 (allen key adjust)  £1.50

B138 - Front stock screw fits Lightning etc cross headed £1.50  

B140- Rear stock screw for Supersport, Spitfire, Lightning BSA part 16-1031 £1.50 OUT OF STOCK

B70 - High fill adaptor for filling BSA PCP air rifles. Supplied with 2 spare ‘O’ rings and molykote grease. £16.95


B19 - Breech seal £4.00 OUT OF STOCK

B10 - Mainspring £10.80

B48 - Piston seal (part number 16-4867) £11.00

B167 - Mainspring retaining pin £7.50

B84 - Sear spring £2 50

B85  - Rear screw washer  Diameter 9.5mm, hole 5mm £1 00

B103 - Mainspring guide (BSA Part nr 16 6706)   ALSO FITS LIGHTNING £12 00

B154 - Rear sight bodies, as new condition, single plastic moulding no metal work,  fit  BSAs from 1978 onwards £3.50


B2 - Underlever mark 5 and 6 no retaining catch (part number 16-2009) VGC £25.00

B3 - Stock bolt (part number 16-1115) £7.00

B4 - Triggers mark 6, 5 (part number 16-2627) £25.00

B6 - Receiver insert £5.00

B9 - Trigger stop screws (part number 16-2629) £2.50

B11 - Ox mainspring £19.95

B360  - Piston buffer £4.40

B13 - Piston ring seal (part number 16-2285) £1.60

B50 - Rearsight mounting plates £3 00

B53 - Metal rearsight block (part number 16-2218) £4.00

B54 - Aperture sight pad and plate  (part number 16-2996) £3.00

B56 - Piston seal for lightning (part number 16-4867) £11.00


B107 - For airsporter mk6 and 5 & Mercury Mk2, 3, 4  Trigger stop screw £1 60

B118 - Piston for RB2 BSA Part 16-5425 S/H VGC with sleeve & seal £25 00 SOLD

B120 - Front sight metal for GL Airsporter mk7 & Mercury  £15 00 OUT OF STOCK

B130 - Trigger/sear spring (fits Airsporter and Club)  £9.50

B155 - Cocking lever to fit Airsporter mark 3 to 6 EK to EM GG to GK ,(16-2009)  brand new £34.00

B10 - Mainsprings. For Airsporter but will fit many other models ie Mercury, all Bsa break barrels apart from Cadet, Cadet Major, Meteor and pre war breakdown pattern. Fits all BSA under levers apart from Merlin and Juvenile but will need shortening for pre war Ladies light and Junior. Also fits Air Arms side levers, most large Original and Diana air rifles, Falke 80 and 90, Anschutz 335, Relum Tornado and Chinese under lever rifles B3 and DB4 as well as  HW55 and 50.

Special bulk/trade deals, phone us 01243 827500

Were £15 now £10.80



Length = 257mm

Outside diameter = 20.5mm

Turns = 33

Inside diameter = 13.4mm


Click here to go to Pre War, Cadet and Cadet Major


B30 - Spring for trigger and sear (BSA part number 16-1387) £8.60

B19 - Breech seal £4.00 OUT OF STOCK

B35 - Trigger for Mk3 and Mk4 £16.92 OUT OF STOCK

B38 - Barrel detent latch £7.00

B39 - Mk6 piston seal £8.50

B40 - Mk3-5 piston buffer £4 40

B41 - Mk3-5 piston ring seal £1.60

B86 - FOR METEOR MK 7 breech seal (BSA part Nr 16-7000) £3.00

B87 - Barrel axis pin for all Meteors £5.50

(OX mainspring is not recommended for BSA Meteor)

B34 - For Meteor mark 1 to 5. Also fits lots of other rifles like Chinese Lion and B2, Milbro Diana  24, G71, G78, G79, G80, Webley Airwolf

Length = 242.5mm

Outside diameter = 19mm

Turns = 33

Inside diameter = 12mm

B189 - Trigger block for Airsporter mark 4 - 6, no serial number, fair condition with trigger adjusting screw £14.00

B190 - For Airsporter Mark 2, Replacement nylon piston head with O ring seal  £22.00

B197 - end cap for BSA Meteor £6.00

B199 - Slot head front stock screw (16 1008) £3.00



B16 - Foresight element (part number 16-3196) £5.00 SOLD

B3 - Stock bolt (part number 16-1115) £7.00

B18 - Receiver insert £5.00

B19 - Breech seal £4.00 OUT OF STOCK

B10 - Mainspring £10.80

B21 - Ox mainspring £17.95

B64 - Piston head, alloy new manufacture (with pin) £15.00

B68 - Piston head assembly with buffer and seal £19.00

B69 - Piston head PIN ONLY £1.00


B107 - For airsporter mk6 and 5 & Mercury Mk2, 3, 4  Trigger stop screw £1 60

B165 - Barrel, .22 for mark 3, used good condition £35.00 CAN ONLY BE SENT TO AN RFD, PHONE US FIRST

B166 - barrel for Mercury Mk 1 and 2 with detent bolt and axis pin, used good condition SOLD

B184 - Cocking link for mark 1 and 2 BSA part Nr 16-2367 used VGC £20.00 SOLD

B130 - Trigger spring for Airsporter Mark 1 £9.50

B207 - Spring guide Airsporter mark 1, used very good condition  £10.00

Pistol grip cap, screws in to stock hole left by stock retaining bolt of Airsporter Mark 1, various materials.

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01243 827500

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B213 - Meteor Mk 7 cocking link axis pin £1.00

B218 - O ring for BSA PCP magazines. BSA part Nr 16-5369 £1.00 EACH

B226 - Barrel stop pin, used good  condition £1.00

B223 - Fore end screw for Airsporter mark 1 and 2 used, very good condition  BSA part 16-546) £8.00 SOLD

B227 - Front trigger guard bolt (16-1031) used VGC £2.50

B229 - Cocking link for BSA Meteor Mk 1-4 TG series, used VGC (16-1013) £14.00

B233 - Cocking lever stirrup for latest Meteor and Gamos (16-7041) £1.25

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B242FO -  BSA fibre optic element rearsight with screw complete, for all rifles year 1969 onwards. Brand new. £32.00

B261 - Trigger guard for Lightning XL (BSA Part number 16-6568) brand new £11.00

B266 - Cocking link and pin (articulated) £24.00 SOLD

B331 - Spring guide (BSA part number is 16-1122) used, very good condition £8.00 OUT OF STOCK


Change your spring because they have never been cheaper and can make all the difference.

 Quality British made springs, they are now only £10.00

B276 - Short cocking link for Mercury Mk 3 unused old stock. 54mm long 45mm hole to hole

(BSA part number 16-3901) £7.50 pair

B280 - Turns rear sight in to an aperture sight. Fits BSAs + Meteor Mk5 onwards. £7.80

B286 - Mainspring and front spring support/piston weight for Birmingham made Supersport, export/high power. £18.00

B288 - Rearsight blade to fit BSA rear sight (BSA part nr 16-2792) £2.50

B186P - Plastic moulded £16.00 OUT OF STOCK

B186A - Made from aluminium£15.00 OUT OF STOCK

B186S - Made from polished stainless steel £15.00 OUT OF STOCK

B186B - Made from brass £15.00 OUT OF STOCK

B253 - Loading tap spring and ball set (one spring and one ball) £2.00 OUT OF STOCK


B26 - Safety catch levers early type (part number 16-3307) + late type £9.00 each

B27 - Foresight element (part number 16-3196) £5.00

B19 - Breech seal £4.00 OUT OF STOCK

B29 - Mainspring £14.00

B51 - Buccaneer foresight element (part number 16-3196) £5.00

B83 - Piston head (no washers) £9.50

B104 - Main sear guide (BSA part 16-3133) £4 00

B105 - Main sear (BSA part 16-3084) £6 00

B106  - Intermediate sear (BSA part 16-3152) £7 00

B311 - Plastic front sight used on all BSA rifles from 1969 onwards. £12.90 OUT OF STOCK

B316 - Front sight hoods to fit all model front sights from 1971 onwards. New Manufactured, black finish  £9.00 each

B317/B333 - barrel axis pin £4.00

B328 - Mark 1 trigger and sear spring, used VGC £16.00 SOLD

B334 - Fore end screw bracket for BSA Mercury Mark 1, good used condition. £8.00



B338 - Standard air cylinder tube £30.00

R30 Rear leaf sight and adjusting screw. With a little filing this can be fitted to Meteor Mark 1 £6.00

B347 - Cocking slide BSA Mercury mark 3 and 4 complete, used, near new condition. BSA part number 16-3897 £24.00 SOLD

B349 - Mercury mark 3 (2C) cylinder support bracket, used, good condition £12.00 SOLD



B351 - Front sight hood, BSA 1970s original dimpled finish. Good used condition. £15.00 OUT OF STOCK

B367 - BSA Meteor mainspring retaining pin (BSA part 16-1023) £5.00

B356 - Mark 1 Airsporter piston washer £15.00 OUT OF STOCK

B360 - Piston buffer  £4.40


B361 - Original 1960s and 70s BSA breech seal. £4.00 WE ONLY HAVE 1 AT THE MOST OF THIS.

B364 - Scorpion cylinder, used good condition very, CANONLY SEND TO AN RFD PHONE US. £28.00


This is a butt plate for Meteor S and Airsporter and Mercury.  BSA England marks in centre. From around the 1970s. Used butt good condition. No buts its £12.00

Order code= B385

B375 - Trigger sear axis pin. Fits Supersport, Lightning, Meteor, Superstar, Goldstar. £3.00

B377 - Rearsight aperture type for Buccaneer, Meteor and Supersport. With raiser plate. With long fitting screw Used very good condition. £36.00

B380 - Cylinder and barrel for .22 TH series Meteor. Good condition, painted finish, tight bore, good lock up, £24.00  RFD ONLY, CONTACT US

B383 - Fits TE series Meteor, used fair condition £12.00

B387 - Airsporter mark 1  loading tap detent plate, used very good condition. £7.00

B388 - Airsporter mark 1 loading tap, used very good condition. £30.00

B393 - Airsporter mark 1 spring guide, used very good condition. £6.00

B399 - Airsporter Mark 1 piston and seal complete. Used, fair condition £45.00 CAN SEND TO RFD ONLY OR COLLECT FROM OUR SHOP.

B399 - Cocking link for BSA METEOR TD and TE series. Very good condition. £10.00

B403 - Leather piston seal fits Meteor mark 1 £9.50 OUT OF STOCK

B405 - Meteor piston head circlip retainer. (shown next to a 5p piece for size comparison) £4.00

B381 - Foresight element Meteor Mark 1,  2, 3 and 4, and Airsporter mark 3, 4, and 5 Used good condition.

B381/1 - low BSA part number 16-2051  £4.00

B381/2 - Medium BSA part number 16-2052


B381/3 - High BSA part number 16-2053


B381/4 - Extra high BSA part number 16-2054


B409 - Cocking link axis pin Mercury Mk1 and Mk2 (16-2138) also for Meteor rifle. £3.50 OUT OF STOCK

B409 - Cocking link axis pin Mercury Mk1 and Mk2 (16-2138) also for Meteor rifle. £3.50 OUT OF STOCK

B410 - Grip fixing screw (BSA part number 16-3039) £4.10

B412 - Roll pin to fit these elements. £1.00

B413 - Sear for Meteor mark 4 TG and NG (BSA part number 16 1386) £15.00

B414 - Loading tap lever Airsporter Used good condition (BSA part number 16 2414) £12.00

B415 - Airsporter mark 5 tap chamber (breech plug) .22 (BSA part number 16 2412) used good condition. £15,00

B416 - Airsporter cocking lever thumb catch spring. £8.00

B419 - BSA rearsight adjustment wheel from 1960s rearsights. Plastic with metal screw thread £5.00 each

B420 - SMOOTHBORE barrel in .177 to fit Lightning, Meteor, Mercury and Supersport). Fitted with moderator. Used very good condition. Been revoved from an airgun. We did not know BSA ever produced a smooth bore barrel of this type but is as made (in 2009). £40.00 CAN SEND TO RFD ONLY OR YOU CAN COLLECT FROM OUR SHOP.

A solution to a problem! This scope and mounts will fit the Airsporter mark 2 with the 4 separate scope grooves. The scope is a long eye relief so therefore it fits properly on the rifle without you having to crane your bonce forward! The mounts are blued steel SAKO mounts that have been carefully modified to fit the Airsporter. We are always looking for better solutions, at this time this is what we have come up with. This is a one off, these mounts are vintage ones that we do not have any more of. Scope screws are slightly knurled. Obviously the wrong screw driver has been used otherwise in very good condition. £85.00 Order code B411


This service kit provides all the required components for a proper service. Contains a mainspring, spring grease, breech seal, piston seal and piston buffer.

Suitable for Meteor marks 3, 4 and 5 starting with serial number prefix: NE, NG, NH, TD, TE, TG, TH.

Order code: B430  £20.00


B438 - Barrel latch spring, Mercury, Meteor etc £3.50

B440 - Mainspring guide and washer  set (BSA part refs are

 16 3117 and 16 3118) £8.00

B442 - Cocking link pair of, BSA part ref is 16 3125) £8.00


This is a butt plate for Meteor S and Airsporter and Mercury.  BSA England marks in centre. From around the 1970s/80s. Used butt good condition. No buts its £12.00

Order code= B445

B355 - BSA METEOR spring guide, complete, used good condition. £6.00 SOLD


B458 - BSA front sight metalconstruction, used mainly on ‘S’ models in the 1970s. Used very good condition. £35.00

B459 - Meteor mark 1 METAL end cap METAL. Used fair condition will fit later Meteors £8.00


B461 - BSA front sight, used,


B462 - Trigger guard, BSA part number 16-1348, Meteor mark 3-5, British Supersport, Superstar. Used good condition £15.00

B464 - Flip up rear sight, substitute sight unit for Airsporter mark 1 and mark 2. Will also fit Cadet Major. Used but in as new condition. £24.00


B466 - Airsporter mark 2 flip up rear sight, genuine, old, very good condition. PLEASE NOTE:  the elevation leaf screws are broken. £50.00

B467 - Meteor trigger guards, used may have slight tarnishing/rust spots. £12.00

M492 - XS19 open sight, 37mm between fixing holes centres. £12.00

B471 - Mainspring retaining pin for BSA GOLDSTAR, used, very good condition (part 16 5330) £5.00


B468 - BSA Airsporter mark 5 and 6 cocking slide and link and pin, used very good condition £29.00

B469 - Meteor mark 1 and 2 trigger components used very good condition. £24.00

B470 - Sear for Meteor 1 and 2 used/old stock (part 16 1032) £20.00

B474 - BSA Scorpion pistol grip, used fair condition £28.00

B475 - BSA Scorpion cocking link, used, fair condition £14.00

B473 - BSA Scorpion barrel and cylinder, .22 calibre used fair condition CAN SEND TO RFD OR COLLECT FROM OUR SHOP £24.00

B472 - BSA Scorpion trigger mechanism and frame. Complete and working, used good condition. £34.00

B476 - BSA Scorpion piston guide and mainspring. Used, fair condition, no buffer. CAN SEND TO RFD OR COLLECT FROM OUR SHOP £18.00

SOLD 0920 SOLD 1020

B264 - Mercury trigger block, complete, used, good condition £34.00 PLEASE NOTE THIS ONE IS BETTER CONDITION THAN THE ONE PICTURED HERE.

SOLD 1020 SOLD 1120

B487 - BSA front sight assembly c1990s complete with hood. Used good condition. £18.00

SOLD 1120 Sold 1120

B488 - Rearsight 1980s/90s used, very good condition with fixing screw £35.00