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Price: £519.99

Calibre: .177


S200 TARGET (6 foot pounds)

6 foot pounds target rifle fitted with dioptor sight.



Price: £1400.00

Year:  c2010

Calibre: .177



This superb field target or HFT rifle is in very good condition and is fitted with a Tasco Custom Shop 8-40 magnification scope. Also fitted with a carbon fibre sound moderator. Some slight tarnishing to the bluing of the barrel. This rifle has paperwork to show that it was served by Centra UK in November 2016 when all of the seals were replaced and the regulator was set up and the rifle fully tested. Supplied in a hard protective case and the air filling adapter and a spare cylinder (in non working condition).


Price: £1,195.00


Calibre: .177


This is the full power field target version of the Walther LG Dominator. This example is in very good condition and fitted with a Hawke 4 to 12 by 40 illuminated reticle scope. Supplied in a hard case, fully adjustable stock and a Walther tool kit. Highly accurate rifle the owner of this rifle tell us that he has err scored perfect scores in several competitions. Power is just below 11 foot pound.

 Stock No. 4594

Price: £780.00


Calibre: .177



This really nice classic precharged air rifle was one of the first 300 precharged air rifles Air Arms made. This is the field target version fitted with a superb walnut stock with adjustable cheek piece and butt pad. Fitted with an Edgar Bothers 6 to 24 by 42 scope. Working really nicely. Supplied in a wooden case with its original owner’s manual. A collector’s item but perfectly shootable all be it a bit heavy for lugging round the field it is designed for target shooting. Tested at 11.83 foot pounds.


Price: £295.00

Year:  c1980s

Calibre: .22



This most classic German sporting air rifle is in superb condition. The metal work work being pretty much as new there are a few minor surface marks to the fore end of the stock where its been held by someone. Fitted with its original open sights an ASI 4x32 scope which the importers ASI fitted when they sold them as kits we believe. Also fitted with a very nice quality suede lined cobra style sling. The scope has flip up Butler Creek scope covers, and gives a very good clear crisp image. Also supplied in a nice quality fake sheep skin style lined gun bag which is not period but keeps the gun in good condition. Shoots at around 10.3 foot pound with Air Arms 16 grain .22 pellets with a very pleasant and mild recoil characteristic. This is a classic collector or shooter item.


Price: £395.00


Calibre: .177



This very nice quality and good looking air rifle is in excellent virtually as new condition. It has a very low 3 figure serial number and shoots at 11.7 foot pound with Air Arms pellets. A classic sporting air rifle. Great quality. The trigger has been replaced with a swift 16 brand trigger but the original removed trigger is present with the rifle. PLEASE NOTE, THIS RIFLE IS CURRENTLY NOT ON SHOW IN OUR SHOP, IF YOU WISH TO SEE IT WE WILL NEED A FEW DAYS NOTICE.


Price: £360.00


Calibre: .177



This superb air rifle is in very good condition just with a few minor surface scratches and signs of use to the lovely walnut fish scale chechered stock. Bluing is very good, nice and shiny a few minor marks here and there. Fitted with a Simmons 6-14 by 40 airgun scope and a sling and swivels. Shoots at 11.5 foot pounds with RWS Hobby pellets with a very smooth and pleasant recoil. One of the quality airguns, an excellent target shooting rifle.