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STOCK No: 4137

Price: £250.00

Year:  c1970s

Calibre: .22



Like new condition apart from one mark to the front sight where it looks like a sight hood has been carelessly installed at some stage. Shoots at 6.8 foot pounds using BSA Elite pellets which we think is the manufacturers specification. This is a scarce item and this one is in excellent original condition. Complete with its correct foresight hood.


Price: £260.00

Year:  c1992

Calibre: .22



This classic underlever air rifle is in good condition the metal work retaining lots of its original finish, the stock has got a few surface marks and scratches. We believe this to be a early 25mm piston but the serial number is not that clear. Fitted with its original open sight, the rifle shoots at about 10.6 foot pounds but has not been serviced by us although the breach seal  looks very new.

Stock No c.S.D.M.

Price: £299.00

Year:  c1995

Calibre: .22



This nice quality rifle is excellent near new condition. It shoots at about 10.5 foot pounds with Accupel pellets with a smooth recoil. Fitted with a nice quality Tasco 4-16 x 40 parallax adjustable scope with a gloss finish which is in good condition apart from one small dent on the front of the objective lens and also it does not allow you to set magnification below x5. Stock is as new, these are a nice quality rifle. BSAs best post war under lever in our onionpi.