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Stock No: 3377

Price: £585.00


Calibre: .22



An early HW100 in very good condition, it has been upgraded with the fitting of a quick fill cylinder and thread adaptor and screw on silencer. The 14 shot magazine mechanism works perfectly and output power is about 11 foot pounds with high level of consistency. It has been fitted with a Hawke 6.5 - 20 x 50 illuminated mil dot scope. This is one of the most reliable precharged air guns with an equally reliable magazine system.

Stock No: 3439

Price: £153.00

Year: c2009

Calibre: .22



This Birmingham made Supersport is in excellent condition we have replaced the mainspring as the one fitted was a little worn. This has a few surface marks and scratches to the stock but the metal;wortk is very good. Fitted with a BSA 4 x 32 scope and mounts. The rifle produces just over 11 foot pounds using RWS Superdome pellets and has a pleasant recoil. Would make an excellent hunting rifle.


Stock No: 3693

Price: £238.00

Year: 2016

Calibre: .22



This full power hunting rifle is in as new condition with a nice punchy output and it is fitted with a SMK 4-12x42 mil dot scope and a one piece mount. The stock is particularly nicely shaped and the whole gun has a quality feel to it.


Stock No: 3716

Price: £595.00


Calibre: .177



This high quality air rifle was purchased new in July this year and is in as new condition with its original box, manual warranty card and trigger lock etc. It is fitted with a Nikko Sterling 3-9x50 illuminated parallax adjustable scope and a swivelling adjustable bipod. In .177 these always prove extremely accurate. Lovely walnut stock on this example

Stock No: 3749

Price: £189.00

Year: c1980

Calibre: .22



This now classic German made air rifle is in good condition retaining most of what appears to be its original bluing although it might be a later re blue job. This is the early single sided safety catch model. Fitted with its original open sights this rifle has the short lived slab sided stock which came about at the same time as the HW80 but was quickly superceded by a return to the finger groove type stock that is usually fitted to the HW35. This shoots at about 9.5 foot pounds. The stock is in god order , possibly having been rubbed down or re varnished because the checkering seemed a bit flat. Its a pleasantly covered piece of wood in generally good condition but with a few minor surface marks. A good user’s rifle now becoming appreciated.

Stock No: 3733

Price: £330.00


Calibre: .22



This superb quality air rifle is in excellent near new condition. It is fitted with an as new BSA 39 40 mil dot scope and a sound moderator. It also has a stainless steel effect trigger guard. A new spring and top hat has been fitted and it produces 11.2 foot pounds with virtually no noise and minimal recoil. A lovely rifle to shoot, these are quality as anyone who has ever fired one will tell you.

Stock No: 3762

Price: £90.00


Calibre: .22



This no nonsense hunting rifle is in very good condition in its original box. It shoots nice and smoothly now that the spring has been properly lubricated. Fitted with open sights but a scope could be fitted and it has a recoil arrestor block for that purpose.

Stock No: 3606

Price: £60.00

Year: c1951

Calibre: .177



This solidly engineered rifle is in fair condition the action could do with re bluing as the metal work is reasonably smooth but with no bluing on it at all the metal work is grey. It may have been cleaned off or metal polished or some thing. The stock is ok with no cracks or major marks the BSA stamping is just visible. The rifle shoots very well at about 6 foot pounds. All components appears to be original and complete. A superb candidate for refinishing.


Stock No: 3793

Price: £130.00


Calibre: .22



This very modern hunting rifle is in excellent condition the metal work has virtually all its original bluing and the sythetic covered barrel and stock are in superb condition. Fitted with a Gamo 3-9 x 30 scope this rifle produces about 10 foot pounds with most pellets we have tried in it.


Price: £450.00

Year: 2014

Calibre: .177


S400F classic walnut

This model always proves highly accurate. It is in excellent condition the metal work being near new with just a few very minor marks to the stock showing that it is not brand new. Fitted with a Nikko Sterling 4-12x50 platinum scope and a sling and swivels. This rifle is complete and boxed with instruction manual. NO FILLING ADAPTOR SUPPLIED. This adapter is available separately from us if you require it. Tested at 11.5 foot pounds with RWS Supapoint pellets.

Stock No:  3800

Price: £196.00

Year:  c1987

Calibre: .22



This now classic hunting rifle has been stripped, cleaned and lubricated internally and now produces 11.3 foot pounds with several different pellet types with minimal recoil. It is one of the early 25mm diameter pistons. Cosmetically the rifle is not too bad with original bluing but some signs of fair usage. The stock has marks and scratches but nothing major the checkering is good. The rifle is fitted with a Tasco Pronghorn 3-9 x 50 scope. A nice hunting rifle these always prove accurate, partially due to the excellent Rekord trigger unit.