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Stock No: 3504

Price: £45.00

Year: 1977

Calibre: .177 smoothbore



Tin plate type construction junior rifle the last of its type is in good cosmetic order but it lacks a bit of oomph in fact some tight pellets do not come out unless you cock it and shoot it a few times. Loose pellets do come out but with very very low power. Presumably the spring or piston seal neads replacing or sorting out. Original open sights are fitted, screw heads are good, stock is good Diana brass badge is however a little torn and missing. Needs sorting out really unless you are ok with a really low powered air gun.

Stock No: 3576

Price: £55.00

Year: 1970s

Calibre: .22



This is in fairly good condition with original sights, slight wear to the barrel which gives it a Damascus style finish. Most of the action is good and all screws are good and shoots quite nicely. This does have grooves for a telescopic sight.

Stock No: 3621

Price: £220.00

Year: Current model

Calibre: .177



The Sig MCX is truly a fun gun! Powered by the large 88/90 gram CO2 cylinder that sits neatly in the stock, this has a 30 round machine gun style belt click for air rifle pellets. This example is in near new condition and fitted  with an adjustable reticle red and green dot sight


Stock No: 3761

Price: £120.00

Year:  1970s

Calibre: .177



This classic fun gun is in good cosmetic order being complete and mechanicaly fine apart from the spring is knackered. It only produces about 2.5 foot pounds but with good consistency. The magazine mechanism works wel with the pelets we tried being old Eley Wasp and Bisley Practice pelets. The rear sight windage screw is broken but the stub it left can stil be used to make the sight adjustments. The elevation screw is fine. This is the mark one version with a few areas where the finish is lost to the pistol grip where it has been held but the bluing is generaly very good. Now becoming very colectable.

Stock No: 3782

Price: £78.00

Year: c1971

Calibre: .22



This junior rifle has been serviced with a new main spring and piston a and breech seal. It produces around 8 foot pounds and is in fairly good condition. It has no original op[en sights but is fitted with a 4 x 32 compact mil dot scope. A good entry level rifle for a budding youngster.

Sock No: 3064

Price: £50.00

Year: Early 70s

Calibre:  .22



This Webley Hawk Mark 1 has been quite heavily modified from its original form. The barrel, which is detachable, now runs through and fits in to the transfer port area, the barrel lock has been converted to a lever action instead of the screw, there is a muzzle weight put on top and the stock, which has been broken and repaired, has got stippling round the grip. To be quite honest this is a bit of a faff to load and fire. There we are, we are nothing if not honest! Could be used for parts or an interesting project item. The safety catch and trigger mechanism works fine.


Stock No: 3529

Price: £135.00

Year: 1985

Calibre: .22



This is an interesting German made Webley air rifle. Made by Diana in Germany and sold as the Webley Airwolf in the mid 1980s. On this example the metal work including the open sights are in as new condition. The stock is very good but with some storage marks and bumps which is e real shame as it prevents this being a minter. The rifle shoots around 5 foot pounds maybe the spring needs a bit of  lube or even replacing. We have not taken it apart as the gun has obviously never been dismantled. A collector’s item but could be shot as a nice quality junior rifle with fully adjustable open sights and a good auto safety catch and good build quality.


Stock No: 3781

Price: £75.00

Year: c1964

Calibre: .22



This junior size rifle is in excellent shooting condition having just been fitted with a new mainspring, piston seal and other parts. It shoots at around 10 foot pounds using RWS Hobby pellets. It is complete with its original open sights. Scope mounting could be difficult because this uses the two separate scope ramps. We do have the mounts that fit in stock. The stock is in fairly good condition with a few surface marks and scratches. The finish on the metal work is good, the barrel is blued type but the cylinder retains a lot of its original painted type finish. Overall in good order fair cosmetic  condition.


Stock No: 3935

Price: £140.00


Calibre: .177



Whilst when in good condition these are a scarce very collectable rifle this item is not. The stock seems to have had some sort of coating applied, which would have looked very good just after it was done but unfortunately there are some chips and flakes which show the lighter coloured plastic underneath. No open sights are fitted so we are considering this a usable junior sized gun. In that form it is very nice. It is light in weight, very easy to cock, shoots with negligable recoil and is just powerful enough for tin cans and targets. Fitted with a compact 4x32 scope with Sportmatch mounts. Manual safety catch, anti bear trap. The trigger guard is not the original one but is securely fitted. A very pleasant rifle to shoot. If someone wants to purchase it as a doing up project to bring it back to collectable status we can sell it without scope and mounts and knock £20 off.

Stock No: 4006

Price: £210.00

Year: c1980s

Calibre: .22



This military style side lever air rifle is in good condition. The metal work is going slightly thin but basically is smooth and dark. Fitted with a 4 x 28 scope of no particular quality but it has a reasonably clear image. Also fitted with a sound moderator. The rifle produces just under 12 foot pounds with a good consistency. These are becoming collectable items.

One can store ones pellets in the “magazine” under ones gun for one to shoot later at ones target. A nifty idea, one thinks.

Stock No: 4008

Price: £35.00

Year: 1978-89

Calibre: .177 pellet or bb



This very light weight single stroke pneumatic rifle is in good condition, a great little plinking gun that can fire either pellets or bbs from its inbuilt magazine. Plastic body and stock, a nice little junior rifle with no recoil. Complete with its original open sights.


Stock No: 4009

Price: £68.00

Year: c1980

Calibre: .177 pellet or bb



This classic American pump up rifle is in good working order having recently had some valve work done on it. It is a multipump pneumatic and you can shoot bbs or pellets (which are surprisingly  accurate). In very good order yhis one has the proper metal receiver block and metal barrel cover. The stock is plastic but its of a reasonable build quality. Adjustable open sights are fitted and the gun can be scoped.


Stock No: 3980

Price: £112.00

Year: c1980s

Calibre: .175bb



One of the all time great fun guns produced in massive numbers in America but not so many in the UK. This example is in very near new condition with its original box with paperwork and with all the quite fragile transfers and badge etc all present and correct. Has obviously had very minimal use. A nice pump action type  gun  which shoots bbs with surprising  velocity. 50 shot magazine, pumps and works very well.