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Cat butt plate to go in to flat grooved butt, used, with allen key fixing £12.00

Parker Hale bullet holder/dispenser made in 1960s, fair condition £35.00


Adjustable with ally plate that can be easily shaped to match your stock profile. Excellent quality and brand new. An excellent addition to a Parker Hale Dragon stock (see above).

£24.95 each

Three profiles pictured.

M508 - Woddscrew fitting sling swivels. £3.00 each

Adjustable target shooting butt pad, unused, believed to be Walther. No makers name on it £120.00

SLING SWIVEL to go in target rifle under stock rail. New £18.00

Parker Hale bullet holder/dispenser made 1960s. Good condition £45.00

Hand rest, fits to accessory rail. Very good condition £35.00

M643 - A E CLARKE Lynx rear sights, believed to fit Enfield No 4 rifle. Model RS200-1. Sight and mounting base, really nice engineering and in very good condition.

£95.00 each


Aluminium frame construction, 50” internal, 51” external, has two locks number combinations (3 digits) and two key locks. Used condition, has foam insert with a rifle shape cut out. £55.00

M534 - Good quality Diopter sight, German possibly Haenel. Very good condition. WILL NOT fit a 9-11mm air rifle scope rail.



Heavy artilliary scope, very solid construction, have tried to photo through the lens so you can see the markings (photo right).


Two views of the one unit shown

M663 - A.G.PARKER model 9f sight for Lee Enfield rifle. No mounting bracket. Seems functional, fair condition.


M684 - Accessory rail c315mm long, used, very good condition. £12.00

M685 - Accessory rail, c150mm long, used, very good condition. £10.00

M694 - ATLAS BIPOD - Fits to weaver rail. Used but in very good condition. We see these on web shops around £200 new!


M706 - A G PARKER peep sight with Parker Hale 6 hole eyepiece with 2 screws for fitting to flat surface. Good condition. £75.00

M707 - Nice quality metal construction peepsight fully adjustable fits scope rails c12mm wide. Eyepiece marked 100 + 200 so probably for a rimfire eg Ruger. A little wide for HW rails probably could be fitted with some sort of shim. In very good condition. £40.00

MILBRO CLEARVIEW HD551 tactical scope, fits air guns rifles/pistols (9-11mm) and airsoft (17-21mm) as well as crossbows. Laser driven optics generate a crisp circular target plus centre dot selectable to red or green. Very nicely built, fully adjustable windage/elevation.

Auto power off after 2 hours and 10 different brightness levels to choose from.


Size is 105mm long by 60mm high.


Red and green variable brightness dot for precise aim point, waterproof, fog proof, shock proof, with protective rubber end caps, mounts will fit air gun 9-11mm or weaver mounts.


Shipping is £4.95 if you want it delivered.


M709 - Peepsight, no maker’s name but nice quality. Fixing screws to go on side of cylinder. With a spare eyepiece. Boxed in very good condition.


M708 - Peepsight, no maker’s name but nice quality. Fixing screws to go on side of cylinder.  Boxed in very good condition.


M711 - Anschutz Diopter Sight cup, rubber, very good condition.

£12.00 SOLD

M712 - W W GREENER vintage peep sight. Folds flat, markings for 25, 100 and 200 yards we think. Good condition.


M713 - Parker Hale peep sight with PH60 6 hole eyepiece, good condition, not sure what it fits, has a flat base and a side clamping plate.


M714 - Anshutz front sight with variable size ring 2.9 to 44 and 5.8 7.3, used, good condition.


M734 - Diopter sight eyepiece 1.1mm appertrure, 10mm thread. £10.00 SOLD


Looks like wood, actually made of rubber. Stock on 175mm long gives about 10mm raise.

Used but perfect condition £6.00

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