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we can repair and service most spring air guns that we can obtain parts for. New springs and seals can be fitted. Our rates are £30 per hour including VAT. Minimum charge of £15 plus parts cost. We can not and will not increase the power of an air rifle to over 12 ft/lbs or pistols above 6 ft/lbs so please DO NOT ask us to. We can, however, tune rifles to obtain maximum consistency and minimum recoil, hopefully resulting in best accuracy. We can service and repair some pre charged air guns or arrange for return to supplier when needed. This does not apply to rifles under warranty that have been purchased from another retailer. We will of course honour all warranties on rifles that have been purchased from us and will repair/put right any guns that have ever been purchased from us at minimal or no cost, with no time limit. (Proof of purchase will be required). Many parts held in stock for BSA, Webley, Wiehrauch, Air Arms, SMK, Gamo etc


We are always happy to see antique and vintage air guns, and will gladly offer advice on age, condition, rarity etc. We can offer a repair and restoration service for many old air guns.


We can not give valuations of air guns over the phone. We do not give free valuations, however we can provide written valuations for insurance purposes at a cost of 2% of value (minimum £15).


We can clean and lubricate your air gun to a high standard. When this involves stock removal only and no further disassembly the cost would usually be £15 including VAT and lubricants. This includes basic chrono/power test and a verbal report on rifle’s working condition, parts condition and diagnosis of any functioning problems etc.


We will fit and collimate any scope and mounts purchased from us to your rifle free of charge at any time. We can fit and collimate your scope and mounts to any rifle purchased from us free of charge. Scope fitting, fault finding and diagnosis at very reasonable rates, usually free to previous customers or those making a purchase. Advice and opinions dished out liberally free of charge, political correctness not in stock!

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