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Items that are shown with a blue envelope can be either purchased from our shop or you can have them delivered directly to your home address.


Items where no envelope is shown can be purchased from our shop or you can have them sent to a registered fire arms dealer near you, and you collect it from them. To order an item from us phone 01243 827500


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• Underlever with rotary piston

• Proven LGV technology with super silent technology and vibration reduction system

• • Fixed barrel for precission shooting

• XM trigger adjustable first stage

• High grade ambidextrous beech stock with high cheek piece.

• Ultra smooth to shoot

• .177 calibre and .22 usually in stock for immediate collection.

Rifle only price




• Beech stock

• Smooth to cock and shoot

• .177 and .22 calibres in stock

• Ambidextrous stock & safety catch

• Ergonomic fore end

• XT trigger adjustable 1st stage travel

• Adjustable tru glow fibre optic sights

• Half UNF threaded barrel for a silencer




Rifle with WALTHER 6 x 42  scope and a gun bag for just £399.95


• NEW positive locking barrel

• Smooth, quiet and vibration free shooting

• Match trigger

• Superb polished bluing

• Excellent German engineering

• Ambidextrous stock

• Can be fitted with a silencer (although its quiet anyway)

Century GT Break barrel  .22 Air Rifle

I know all sellers say “this is a great deal” but this really is a great deal. Really and honestly, blah...blah...

We supply it with a Walther 6 x 42 telescopic sight.