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This BSA Cadet Major is in what we call original condition. It has not been messed around with or refinished any way. The metal work is slightly brown and grainy, the photo etching is not visible. The breech mechanism barrel lock up is good, open sights are original and again good. The stock has some surface marks and scratches but no major cracks etc. A genuine and honest rifle.



This little BSA Cadet is in good original condition. The photo etching is not quite visible on the cylinder but all the rest of the bluing is OK. Slightly brown. The stock is good with a very nice clear BSA badge stamped in to it. Slight cracking in wood on one side along the grain where it has started to dry out but we do not think this would be a problem in the long term. The rifle shoots fine with a good strong spring and all components seem to be original.



This BSA Cadet looks nice. The metal work has been refinished to a nice uneven semi glossy black. The trigger guard is not the original one. The stock is good, it has been rubbed down but its a nice piece of walnut and the BSA badge is still very visible on the side (see photo). Apart from the trigger guard open sights etc seem to be the original. A nice little rifle.


Price: £590.00

Year: c1990

Calibre: .22

B and M


A truly superb example of the custom air makers craft. Fitted with a superb sculpted walnut stock and a set forward trigger that works superbly. This rifle is in fair condition. There is some very very light pitting or scuzziness to the metal work bordering on rust marks and the stock has a couple of very light surface scratches. The rifle has been used carefully and the marks are inevitable. Fitted with a screw off silencer and adaptor. This rifle has the 25mm piston seal and a custom made spring. It shoots at 11.3 foot pounds with superb consistency and has virtually no recoil or sound. Fitted with a Tasco Japanese made 3-9x50 AG scope which is superbly clear. The scope isin OK condition, missing its rubber eye piece and we believe the scope turret caps to be not the correct ones. Some marks and a small dent to the very front of the eye bell of the scope but the magnification works perfectly and the image is very good. Fitted on to the block above the loading port where it all looks very very neat. This was made by B and M modifications for a short period they later went on to produce more bull pup Daystates and pre charged which would always prove an easier prospect. Also fitted with an adjustable butt pad. This rifle is a pleasure to shoot and use and is a collector’s item.