Two GEM mainsprings at £21.00

Plus £3.90 postage

One GEM mainspring at £12.50

Plus £3.90 postage



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MD45 - Specially manufactured in England for us, these springs fit perfectly in light/medium GEM air guns. They will also fit Milbro G76

Part reference MD45

You can buy one for £12.50 or two of them for £21.00

Larger quantities available phone us on 01243 824284

Postage is charged at standard rate for one or two springs and a bit more for larger quantities depending on quantity.

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01243 824284

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Designed and manufactured for PROTEK SUPPLIES

M127 - MAINSPRING TO FIT HEAVY GEM AIRGUNS may fit other air rifles but WILL NOT fit small GEMs



Length = 216mm approx.

Outside diameter = 18mm

Inside diameter = 12mm

Turns = 28 approx.

Wire thickness= 3mm

Gap between turns = 5mm

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