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DIOPTER SIGHT EYEPIECE to fit Anshutz, Feinwerkbau, Walther etc, metal construction.


Part number M271

M391 - 6 hole eyepiece fits Parker-Hale diopter sights eg PH16M and PH17B as fitted to Mark 3 marked “PARKER” Good quality.

£12.00 each

M426 - Partial peep sight. Pictured alongside a ruler (ruler available separately). £40.00

Heavy artilliary scope, very solid construction, have tried to photo through the lens so you can see the markings (photo right).


BSA RS1 reflex sight - Not working, the perspex tube is missing so no reticle visible (well it is JUST) . Boxed with instruction sheet with exploded diagram, sold as model only £7.00

Second photo of RS1

M433 - Anshutz target fore sight and centre variable element. Good condition with plastic case. £65.00

This was just a small selection of what we have. Visit out shop, we have lots more in stock.


As new in original pack, 1990s vintage. £25.00

M374 - Anshutz rubber eye cup to fit an Anshutz dioptor sight. Perfect condition. 24mm inside diameter.


SPANISH DIOPTER SIGHT, used, very good condition. £55.00