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This is a small selection of blank firers, and replica firearms that we have in our shop.

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A selection of VCRA act compliant blank firing replicas that we have in stock at the moment. These are non realistic imitations in bright colours and must not be converted to make them in to realistic imitations firearms.

BRUNI model 92  8mm blank firer

Cased with instructions

Stock number 3431 £115.00

Old replica, 1970s of double barrel flint lock pistol. Working action, nice display piece. £48.00

Stock No 4405

Price: £180.00

Year:  c1875

Calibre: 7mm obsolete calibre


This nice quality little Belgian made revolver is in good condition with the trigger spring and hammer spring being fine which is quite rare as usually the springs have gone. Retains some original nickel finish and some wear in various places. Marked around the cylinder circumference is “the guardian American model of 1875” its a 7 mm pin fire obsolete calibre a nice little collector’s item.

Stock No 5009

Price: £180.00

Year:  Unknown

Calibre: N/A


This lovely quality well made item has a classic look about it. It is made from solid steel with a fully working percussion type action. This is inert, it has never been a firearm therefore no licence is required. A great display piece. It measures 15” long and is  1.27kg heavy.

SOLD 1021

UBERTI Italian made Colt Peacemaker style blank firer. Five and a half inch barrel, very good quality 9mm blankfirer as new, may be unfired.


Stock number: 5184

SOLD 1221