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Hit the bullseye on this very substantial, British made target, and the bell gives a clear, undeniable BING that you have hit the bull. Lid lifts up to put paper targets in. Fun or serious competition or just to show off what a great shot you are!.

Made by a local craftsman in Bognor Regis.


Shipping is £14


COLOUR: BLACK/GOLD (enquire for latest)


Stock No: 3752

Price: £180.00

Year: c1961

Calibre: .22



This rifle is in fairly good condition, the metalwork being mostly shiny but perhaps a little bit brown when viewed in good light especially on the cocking lever where it has obviously been used. Stock is OK, without major marks, some surface marks. The Webley medallion has been rubbed over and is now just a plain white badge. All the components are complete, what makes this rifle so good is its performance. It is one of the best working Webley Mark 3 we have ever found. It does 11 foot pounds with RWS Hobby pellets and also BSA Elite. It works superbly. The spring is very very good and the seal is perfect . Mechanically the gun is as it should be apart from the tap lever screw which is an obvious replacement. A collector’s item but also very shootable.  

STIGA break barrel 1950-60 .177 smoothbore very good condition barrel axis bolt appears to be a replacement, shoots well, very rare, STIGA Travas, Sweden on top of cylinder and enamel Stiga logo badge on side of stock. Commission sale £75.00


Stock No: 3854

Price: £320.00


Calibre: .22



This solid nice quality rifle is a gas ram power plant sytem using the Theoben invented gas ram and is marked Theoben on one side of the breach block. Fitted with a Nikko Sterling silver crown 4x40 scope in a one piece mount. The rifle is in good condition the metal work retaining all its original bluing, the stock has some surface marks and scratches commensurate with a little use. These really do shoot nicely.  

Stock No: 3998

Price: £360.00

Year: c1988

Calibre: .177



This is a superbly well made air rifle. It is beautifully constructed. This example is as new in its original box with original charger and paperwork. However the design is fundamentally flawed. It makes a loud noise when you cock it and does not put out that much power, however we have tested them in the past and found them to be accurate and a lot of fun to use. If you took it to a field target shoot you could annoy them with the cocking noise!  These were initially very expensive to buy and the price tag reflected the quality. The design unfortunately meant it was doomed to failure. This is a collectable item, we have charged it fully and it works fine. These are getting scarce. This is the original battery fitted and it does work but we do not know how many times it will cock the gun on a charge as it is a bit old. Replacement batteries should be available. This gun would be ideal for a disabled shooter where cocking a gun would be physically prohibitive.

What we have here is a really interesting air gun. It is basically a side lever bull pup which has a semi recoilless mechanism built in to it in which the mechanism moves on slides within the stock on cocking. It is clearly based on an Air Arms or Sussex Armoury side lever but with a bolt action mechanism placed above. This is well made, not brilliant, but made by a clearly competent person who knew what they were doing and came up with a radical and different design of air gun. Probably made several years ago judging by the patina we have had to clean off of the built on steel scope ramp. Fitted with a silencer it does however need a service as it only produces about 4 foot pounds, we have not taken it apart as we are not sure of the construction of it. An interesting item and probably pre dates the current fashion for bull pups. Fitted with an unbranded 3-9 x 40 scope. We think the rifle could really do with an adjustable butt pad. You won’t see another one of these rifles we suspect.


Price: £345.00

Year:  Unknown

Calibre: .22




Price: £280.00

Year:  c1957

Calibre: .25


MODEL 160 (Custom conversion to .25 calibre)

Custom conversion fitted with a .25 barrel. The rifle is in very good condition retaining most of its original bluing. Fitted with a silencer on the front (most effective place to put a silencer!) Which screws on or off, original front sight fitted as well as a very neat good quality Crosman S331 peep sight at the back. This is the version with an auto safety catch which engages when the bolt is cocked. Shoots at about 9 foot pounds in .25 cal. Stock is good. An interesting conversion. The moderator is marked Manders which we think was an Australian make a few years ago which were very impressive for their small size and do not seem to be available any more un fortunately.

Stock No 4434

Price: £78.00

Year:  c1981

Calibre: .22



This is a surprisingly nice quality rifle which is well made from all steel components, this example is in good condition with its original open sights. Stock which is nicely shaped has most of its original finish just a few surface marks and scratches. Even has the remains of the original paper label underneath which would have warned about not firing it empty and not pulling the trigger when the barrel is open etc. shoots at around 7.8 foot pounds which in truth was one of its only failings a time when other manufacturers were looking to produce full power rifles ie the BSA Mercury and the Webley Vulcan. Diana were a bit left behind producing nice quality but under powered rifles at the time when the air gun market did not care about quality just wanted power. This is a pleasant rifle to shoot

Stock No 4437

Price: £75.00

Year:  c1970

Calibre: .22



This TE series Meteor is in avarage ta reasonable conditiona. It has been fitted with a new spring, piston seal , breech seal etc so it cocks and shoots fine.fitted with its original open sights which in this case are the all plastic version which amazingly are not cracked or broken. Could be fitted with a scope, stock has numourousesous marks and scratches. This is a shooter rather than a collector’s item and would suit a smaller person.

Stock No 4465

Price: £98.00

Year:  c1986

Calibre: .22



This is a nice quality air rifle produced by Diana in Germany for Webley.  For a short period of time. This example is in excellent condition the metalwork retaining nearly all its original finish apart from one very small area where the bluing has gone a bit rusty with wear on the cylinder. But it is not deep. The stock has a few surface marks and scratches but nothing colonel, sorry, major. Cocks and shoots at around 7 foot pounds, nice and easy to cock with an auto safety catch. This was designed for a younger shooter as it is lighter than Vebleys other rifles of zer time. Ziss must be a collector’s item as ve do not see too many of zemm. Fitted with Webleys plastic rear sight and the Diana tunnel front sight.

Stock No 4471

Price: £390.00

Year: c1979

Calibre: .22



This is a prize collector’s item. This scarce air rifle is in near new condition in its original box. It is complete with a BSA number 9 scope in its original box, the scopoe itself is in near new condition but sadly one turret adjustment cover is missing. Also with a plastic tube with some BSA Pylarm pellets in it and a copy of the instruction manual. No target holder or oil bottle. The polystyrene inner tray has been slightly modified to allow the rifle to fit in with the scope fitted on. That said, there is no sign what so ever on the gun that the scope has ever been fitted although it may have been done carefully. Original open sight with its little peep hole is fitted at the back of the rifle. Cocks and shoots nice and smoothly with a little resistance on opening at around 6.5 foot pounds which which is what they would have been when new. A nice rifle for your collection. These are quite pleasant to shoot having used one. Unfortunately some one has put brown tape over the end of the rifle which goes over the label where it would have said BSA Buccaneer. This label is just about visible through the brown tape but the serial number which would have been written wunderneath is not visible. Box itself, apart from tape at both ends, is in fair condition having done its job of protecting rifle for many years.


Price: £140.00

Year:  c1978

Calibre: .22



Side lever rifle is in fair condition, some pitting and general marring of the metalwork overall, no rearsight fitted but has been fitted with a BSA 3-7x20 telescopic sight. Stock may have been refinished, almost certainly, and no butt plate is fitted. It would have been glued on as thee are no screw holes. Cocks and shoots ok, relatively smooth to shoot.


Price: £180.00

Year:  1961

Calibre: .22


AIRSPORTER Mark 2 (GD Series)

This classic and stylish under lever rifle is in fairly good condition and good working order. The photo etching on the top is not visible, the gun may have been refinished at some stage. The stock is good with some surface marks and scratches but an unfortunate break around the bottom of the pistol grip where the stock bolt goes through. Complete with its original open sights. The gun cocks and shoots at around 10.7 foot pounds with BSA Elite pellets. It does so in a not unpleasant manor.

Stock No 4485

Price: £88.00

Year:  c1948

Calibre: .177 rifled



This Cadet Major is a bit of a sleeper. When we obtained it it had a light coating of surface rust overall. However this has cleaned off quite well to leave a mostly black surface with speckling overall. The photo etching is fully visible, the stock is very good and with a nice clear BSA sharp mark. The barrel has suffered a bit more, it is a bit grainy and slightly brown. Original open sights are fitted, nice and easy to cock though in all honesty the springs a bit worn out. It shoots consistently and would make a nice junior rifle so we have decided not to change it. Almost a nice collector’s item in this condition but as it is it is just a good original example. Obviously the surface rust is we suspect occurred in the last few years before that it would have been a really nice example.

Stock No 4491

Price: £120.00

Year: c1974 (GL series)

Calibre: .22



A good deal of time has been spent on this rifle it has been refinished metal and stock. Stock has been done very nicely. Has also been fitted with a new piston head and seals and mainspring. The trigger block and trigger guard unit has been polished up to nice shiny alloy. Overall the rifle looks quite nice. Fitted with a BSA 4x20 scope with mediocre optics. No rearsight fitted has a front sight that is very slightly broken but that is due to the plastic used not any carelessness by a previous owner. Shoots at about 9 foot pounds with reasonable consistency.

Stock No  4456

Price: £60.00

Year:  1958

Calibre: .177 (smoothbore)



This lovely little junior rifle, designed for boys in the 1950s but now equally usable by girls, is in very good condition.  Appears to have been lightly refinished to a good standard. All complete and working, all the screw heads are good, stock is nice, with a nice crisp little action on it. Date stamped 1958 on the end of the butt. Its had some use but not a lot. Obviously quite a careful lad had this one back in the day..

Stock No 4485

Price: £135.00

Year:  c1980

Calibre: .177



This interesting rifle which is now a collector’s item has been usefully upgraded with the built in reflex site which usually does not work very well having been removed in favour of a modern red and green Milbro branded electric dot sight. A sighting mechanism whilst existing in 1980 were very expensive the price as fallen recently. The condition is good the power is a little lower than what it should be but makes it easy to cock and pleasant to shoot. Fitted with a sling giving it a tactical military look. These were only produced for a couple of years just before the demise of Milbro and were based on the Milbro Cougar pistol. Unusually the plastic on this is not all broken and cracked, seems to be complete. A nice little shooting rifle.


Price: £280.00

Year:  1989

Calibre: .22



This high quality air rifle has recently had a new spring and piston seal, it produces 11.2 foot pounds with virtually no recoil and a very smooth quiet shot. It is fitted with a custom stock we believe from a Parker Hale Dragon. It is a truly beautiful piece of walnut with lovely graining and colour over all of its length. Also fitted with a Parker Hale nm3 silencer. The metal work is in quite good condition retaining most of its original bluing to the cylinder, a few scuff marks here and there to the barrel, the lever does not close positively but does stay closed for the shot whilst being held etc. a superb shooter’s rifle. Fitted with a Bushmaster 3-9x40 with good clear optics but one of the turret caps is missing.

STOCK No: 4137

Price: £250.00

Year:  c1970s

Calibre: .22



Like new condition apart from one mark to the front sight where it looks like a sight hood has been carelessly installed at some stage. Shoots at 6.8 foot pounds using BSA Elite pellets which we think is the manufacturers specification. This is a scarce item and this one is in excellent original condition. Complete with its correct foresight hood.

This highly interesting item was made in Japan for an American company to commemorate the bicentenary of the American independence in 1776. We do not believe they sold that well. A large batch of them made their way to the UK where they were sold for several years by Whaleys Of North London. This example is in very good condition having recently been cleaned and dusted off. It cocks and shoots fine even the hammer mechanism now works which they do not always, sometimes they are lethargic or just dont move when you fire. It is an underlever with a pull out tube mechanism similar to a Daisy. The metalwork (some of which is actually plastic) is in good order, this is a nice collector’s item, displays well on a wall. We should also point out that the dummy flint lock mechanism does work as a safety and it locks the trigger until it is pulled back for cocking. A nice item which should sell quickly.

Stock No CSBD220

Price: £220.00

Year:  1976

Calibre: .175bb




Price: £295.00

Year:  c1980s

Calibre: .22



This nicely made Japanese pump up rifle is in good condition retaining lots of its original bluing just with very light wear to the finish in places. stock has a few minor surface scratches and marks. It shoots well. the person we are selling it for states that it has been restricted to five pumps, any over pumping could lead to locking up of the valve and the rifle not working at all at all. five pumps give just over 11 foot pounds using H and N field target trophy pellets. fitted with a Parker Hale silencer, we can not see how it is attached it des not seem to be screw on, might have been locktited on or something. either way this is a nice quality item in good working order. also has some spiral grooves or scratches in the barrel where some other sort of silencer appears to have been fitted in the past. came in to us fitted with a scope that we have removed because frankly, my dear, it was rubbish. Maybe we will stick it on a Webley Hawk!!!

Stock No CSBD125

Price: £125.00

Year:  1950s

Calibre: .22



The first thing to say is that this 1950s air rifle has recently been fitted with a new spring and has been fully serviced and shoots really well at about 11 foot pounds. It is in excellent condition , the metalwork retains lots of its original bluing which meant it was worth the hassle of changing the spring and sorting it out mechanically. Fitted with its original open sights which is the first type of rear sight fitted to the Diana 35 after the war. Marked “foreign” on the side of the cylinder as they did not feel they could put “made in Germany” on it at the time. Also has the original logo “mod 35” on the cylinder. Has the double pull trigger or the ball bearing trigger which is the 3 ball bearings to release the piston. Stock is good with some surface marks and scratches but nothing major or nasty. A nice early Original original example of an Original. Bit of minor scuffing and rust spots to the end of the barrel where its been held to cock it. Clearly not had a great deal of use.

Stock No 4498

Price: £220.00

Year:  c1980s

Calibre: .22



This classic, in fact now legendary air rifle, is in very good condition retaining most of its original bluing but with slight discolouration near the breech. It has recently been fitted with a new piston seal and shoots at 11.4 foot pounds with BSA Elite pellets. Fitted with its original front sight which allows interchangeable elements to be fitted the rear sight is missing slider. So its not readily adjustable for elevation. Safety catch works as it should, cocks and shoots really nicely, smooth to shoot stock is good with a few minor surface marks and one more noticeable mark on the cheek piece. This is also marked series mark 2 on the breech block. Underneath the normal FWB markings. Overall a nice shooters example not mint but not bad.


Price: £275.00

Year:  c1964

Calibre: .22



This superb example is in superb near new condition apart from one very small area of pitting on top of the cylinder. The stock is superb, a particularly nice piece of walnut with beautiful graining. Couple of small marks to the enamel finish back block. Complete but the foresight hood is a later replacement. Cocks and shoots at around 7.5 foot pounds using BSA Elite pellets with quite a violent recoil. It has obviously not had a lot of use and needs lubrication. This is a really nice example.


Stock No 4561

Price: £148.00

Year:  1978

Calibre: .177



We understand that this German made air rifle was used for bell target shooting back in the day. It is a .177 fitted with a Diana diopter sight and a tunnel front sight with a ring element. It produces just under 7 foot pounds which is correct for this model and for bell target shooting. Condition is not too bad its been used the metalwork is starting to go a bit brown from its original nice black, stock has surface marks and scratches overall. Good quality construction, nice trigger mechanism and is a nice smooth shooting rifle. Its relatively easy to uprate this to a higher power but as this one is supposed to be this power we have left it as it is.

Stock No 4607

Price: £180.00

Year:  1978 (May)

Calibre: .22



This classic German made air rifle is in excellent condition, the metal work retraining nearly all its original finish with just some slight marring or browning of the finish here and there on the barrel. Has been fitted with a scope or diopter sight in the past as witness marks are on the serrated scope rail. Fitted with its original open sights stock is very nice possibly been refinished in the past as we think these would have had a a varnished finish when new. But looks nice. Cocks and shoots nice and smoothly, with the usual slightly disappointing 8 foot pound power. A classically sty;led air rifle which is now a popular collector’s item.

Stock No 4553

Price: £130.00

Year:  1970s late

Calibre: .177



This solid quality air rifle is in fairly good condition. It is complete and working with its original open sights. The metalwork is a bit brown here and there and some pattenation (rust) appearing on the cylinder. Overall though, the cylinder is still mostly black. Stock has surface marks and scratches and we believe this is an Italian made stock made by the company Sile who made lots of manufacturer’s stocks at the time. This example is the German market version with a F in pentagon symbol on the barrel and indeed produces just under 7 foot pounds of muzzle energy. It does so nice and smoothly and consistently. Good sold Anschutz rear sight, fit a diopter to this for a nice bell target shooting gun.

Stock No 4557

Price: £160.00

Year:  c1967

Calibre: .177



This very high quality under lever rifle is in good condition retaining lots of its original finish but with a slight odd bit of speckling coming through on the metal work here and there. Complete and working excellently with a very good air tight tap. Original open sights fitted which in this case are the V notch blade and post front sight. Stock has a few surface marks and scratches but they are all surface only no cracks. Has been used but only lightly, nice to find in the much less common .177 calibre.

Stock No 4559

Price: £174.00

Year:  c1961

Calibre: .22



This is a superb air rifle, the metalwork retains most of its original deep black finish. A few surface marks and scratches most notably to the scope rail where some form of scope has been applied in the past. Stock is very good with just a few minor surface marks but a lovely smooth finish. Cocks and shoots superbly, screw heads are good or very good, nice air tight tap, original open sights fitted, a very nice example. Obviously had very little use.

Stock No 4596

Price: £155.00

Year:  1982

Calibre: .22



This German made air rifle is in very good condition actually retaining lots of its original bluing, a few rust marks and speckles to the barrel which actually looks to have been repainted. Shoots at 10.4 foot pounds using Air Arms pellets with a very smooth pleasant sound with minimal recoil or noise. Rather nice to shoot. Fitted with its original open sights, the stock is very good with just a few light surface marks and a scratch just ahead of the trigger guard. Probably its original spring, a nice quality piece of German engineering.