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Stock No: 2912

Price: £158.00

Year: mid 1980s

Calibre: .22


VULCAN series 2

This excellent example is in very good condition having had little or no use. It produces just under 12 ft/lbs. We suspect the rear sight may be later as usually these have white marks although it may be that towards the end of the production of the series 2 they changed over. There is one scratch down one fore end side which is unfortunate but otherwise the gun is in excellent condition.


Stock No: 1892

Price: £75.00

Year: c1960s

Calibre: .177


This interesting dainty little rifle is an unusual item made in France as a companion piece or perhaps a lower model in the range to the Eureka shown above. It has the appearance of a prewar gun but we believe it dates from the 1960s. It is in good condition just with a few scuff marks and surface marks to its paint finished mechanism. Original finish to the stock with a little sticker on it saying the model name. No other markings are present, it is functioning and in nice order. It bears a resemblance to the Speedy gun of the 1920s/30s though this may be only superficial.

Stock No: 3186

Price: £56 00

Year: 1957

Calibre: .177


An interesting and un usual little rifle with features of early Gems in the form of a barrel block and the barrel catch which is made from a lightweight casting. There are not many French air rifles about at all this is one of them. Condition is fairly good retaining most of its enamelled black finish. The top of the cylinder reads Eureka brevet SGDG made in France. A date stamp under the stock indicates it was made in 1957 although the design makes it look like a pre first world war gun. In working order smooth bore barrel an interesting and un usual addition to any air gun collection. Straight hand shot gun style stock,

Price reduced

Stock No: 3240

Price: £275.00

Year: c1989

Calibre:  .22

ECLIPSE mark 1

This really nice quality, British made, under lever rifle is in excellent near new condition. Fitted with its original open sights however the front sight hood is missing. The stock is virtually un marked again in near new condition. The rifle shoots at about 10.5 foot pounds, is nice and consistent. Best safety catch on the market as it is automatic, fully re settable and positive in use. This is a nice quality rifle which as well as being completely shootable and usable is also becoming a collector’s item specially in this untouched condition. Also has the optional screw in short Webley silencer.



Stock No: CS10

Price: £275.00


Calibre: .177



This pre charged pneumatic rifle was made as a left handed stock but has been skilfully modified for right handed or left handed shooting. Fitted with a 3-9 x 40 illuminated scope and a sound moderator. Also has quick fill adapter device. Shoots very accurately.


This item is sold on behalf of a third party so CAN be sent directly to you.

Stock No: 3449

Price: £190.00

Year: c1983

Calibre: .22



This superbly made air rifle is in excellent near new condition and excellent working order. The metal work is pretty much as new, fitted with its original open sights and a nice quality leather sling on swivels which seem to be the factory fitted ones. The stock has a few minor surface scratches and marks, the gun has had very little use. It shoots very well at about 10.5 foot pounds this is the version with the squared off pistol grip like an HW80 no finger grooves to the front. We are not sure these were produced for very long. Complete with its original owner’s manual. The rifle shoots at 11.2 foot pounds with good consistency using RWS Superdome pellets.


Stock No: 3563

Price: £95.00

Year: 1967

Calibre: .22



This nice quality German air rifle is in quite good condition, the metal work retraining some of its original finish but has gone slightly mat through time. Original open sights are fitted, a leather sling has been fitted on to a swivel which has been neatly welded we assume to the barrel and swivel screwed in to the stock. The stock itself has numerous surface marks and scratches through the varnish but would clean up nicely, the rubber butt pad has perished and gone hard over time. The rifle shoots at about 9 and a half foot pounds so very well for its age and probably not far off of what it would have done when new as these were not actually 12 foot pounders at the time. Even though that limit did not exist in 1967 when this rifle was made.

Stock No: 3577

Price: £70.00

Year: c1949

Calibre: .177



Ifle is in fairly good complete condition with back having turned slightly brown and slightly grey. The stock is nice with a good clear BSA stamping but the cross grain strengthener and  the pistol grip has swelled slightly so stands slightly proud of the pistol grip. Neverthelesstherearenocracks or movement in it at all. A new breech washer has been fitted and the rifle shoots very well probably up to original specs. As we said the stock is quite smooth  and looks very nice.


Hit the bullseye on this very substantial, British made target, and the bell gives a clear, undeniable BING that you have hit the bull. Lid lifts up to put paper targets in. Fun or serious competition or just to show off what a great shot you are!.


Made by a local craftsman in Bognor Regis.



Shipping is £14


COLOUR: BLACK/GOLD (enquire for latest)


Stock No:

Price: £180.00


Calibre: .22



This left often seen deluxe version of the BSA Airsporter is in quite good condition the metalwork retaining most of its original blue finish. No open sights are fitted the tap lever appears to have been slightly modified by thinning down for some reason and there are a couple of very small holes which have been filled on the fore end next to where the open sights would have originally have been. The rest of the stock is in good order, a nicely grained piece of walnut with no serious marks or scratches just very light wear. Fitted with a 4x32 compact scope which gives the correct eye relief on this rifle which can prove problematic with scope fitting. The gun shoots at around 10.4 foot pounds with RWS Supadome pellets with a smooth recoil it shoots quite nice, a good working gun.

Stock No: 3723

Price: £125.00

Year: c1951

Calibre: .177



This BSA Cadet Major has been refinished to a very high standard with the metal work looking new polished black metal. The stock has also been refinished to a very high standard but with a BSA logo the little rubbed down. Its nice n shiny and really does look a nice rifle fitted with its original rear sight and front sight and shoots quite smoothly.


Stock No: 3725

Price: £220.00

Year: c1994

Calibre: .22



This very high quality underlever is in superb condition it shoots at 11.5 foot pounds  with a very plesent shooting characteristic. The metal work is pretty much like new the stick has a few minor surface marks unfortunately the knocks on the stock show up quite a lot because of the lacquer finish. The gun has obviously had very little use. Original open sights are fitted. This is the mark 2 version with the much neater underlever catch system. An excellent quality hunting rifle now quite collectable especially in this condition..

Stock No: 3752

Price: £180.00

Year: c1961

Calibre: .22



This rifle is in fairly good condition, the metalwork being mostly shiny but perhaps a little bit brown when viewed in good light especially on the cocking lever where it has obviously been used. Stock is OK, without major marks, some surface marks. The Webley medallion has been rubbed over and is now just a plain white badge. All the components are complete, what makes this rifle so good is its performance. It is one of the best working Webley Mark 3 we have ever found. It does 11 foot pounds with RWS Hobby pellets and also BSA Elite. It works superbly. The spring is very very good and the seal is perfect . Mechanically the gun is as it should be apart from the tap lever screw which is an obvious replacement. A collector’s item but also very shootable.  

STIGA break barrel 1950-60 .177 smoothbore very good condition barrel axis bolt appears to be a replacement, shoots well, very rare, STIGA Travas, Sweden on top of cylinder and enamel Stiga logo badge on side of stock. Commission sale £75.00


Stock No: 3811

Price: £68.00

Year: 1959

Calibre: .177



This very early mark 1 meteor is in fair condition. No photo etching is visible on cylinder, bluing having worn to a light grey finish. The stock is in fairly good order retaining most of its original finish, this is fitted with a metal end cap which was only used on the first few thousand rifles and was then replaced with a plastic one. This is nice in that is the 177 mark 1 and is in fairly good working order as well. Fitted with a Relum rear sight as the original one was missing as they so often re on these. Original front sight fitted and the screws all seem ok.

Stock No: 3801

Price: £118.00

Year: c1953

Calibre: .177



This very nice junior rifle is in excellent condition retaining most of its original bluing, nice clear photo etching on top of the cylinder, original open sights fitted. The stock has a few surface scratches and marks of use but a nice clear BSA stamping on the stock. Overall an excellent and original condition item. Only problem is that the front sight has been modified or repaired or adjusted with the addition of weld to the front sight. Maybe the original one broke and was repaired by welding. Either way that is the only thing that lets down this excellent gun.

Stock No: 3845

Price: £85.00

Year: 1970s

Calibre: .22



Solid powerful, reliable and good spares availability! (We sell all the spares) this is an easy rifle to cock with minimal recoil. A nice collectable rifle but it also shoots well. This late version of the Tornado is much easier to cock than the original one and with a much better trigger mechanism. This example is in very good condition retaining most of the original bluing to the cylinder but with the barrel having a bit of brown tinge to it and light patina. The stock is good, the mainspring has been lubricated and fitted with a spring guide so it shoots a lot smoother. The power is as original spec and can be a bit dissappopinting for some people at about 8 foot pounds but it is quite pleasant to shoot. Fitted with open sights also has a scope rail for a scope if prefffffffered.

Stock No: 3708

Price: £180.00

Year: c1986

Calibre: .22



This nice quality British made air rifle is in good condition. The metal work retains lots of its original black finish with just a slight odd scuffing or wear mark. The stock has e few surface scratches and dings, nothing major but looks very slightly tired. The original open sights are fitted the excellent safety catch works superbly, the rifle shoots nicely with a pleasant recoil characteristic and produces about 11.2 foot pounds. The barrel lock works very neatly as it should. The overall quality of this rifle is good as we said. Originally  this would have been fitted with sling swivels however these have been removed leaving an empty hole in the bottom of the stock and a slight shadow mark on the barrel where the swivel was fitted. A classic British air rifle. The Webley Omega was Webley’s stab at competing with Weihrauch air rifles however it was not as successful as it should have been as at the time they introduced it the Weihrauch HW77 became available and whilst this was clearly meany to compete with Weihrauch HW35 and 80 the 77 was a much better shooting rifle although the Omega was a much better gun than the very popular Vulcan which preceded it and introduced the  safety catch which is still used on some Turkish made rifles today and is one of the best safety catches available being ambidextrous resetable and very positive. A nice rifle really.



Price: £128.00

Year: ????

Calibre: .20



This is a highly unusual rifle the likes of which we have not seen before. It is marked with a JOLLY in a diamond and then model 95 underneath. We have a similar rifle made by IWS and that is an Indian made rifle. Ceretain features like the machining on the barrel, the stock wood and genral fit and finish of the metal seem identical. We believe this rifle to be Indian made. It is very long but with a nicely shaped thumb hole stock. It shoots at about 8 foot pounds and the general condition is quite good bearing in mind that this would not have been a highly polished and deeply blued item even when it was first made. Probably made in small numbers by hand. The checkering such that it is on the stock consists of a large number of punch marks using the letter X but with the number 95 in circles on the fore end. Fitted with sling swivels and fully adjustable rear sight which has its origins in an Original type fitteing but the whole gun is  steel and wood appart from the trigger which is made of brass and the butt pad which is a hard india rubber type material. Unusual muzzle break which seems to be allpart of the barrel. Decorated in an unusual almost middle Eastern type style. An unusual and interesting item.


Stock No: 3854

Price: £320.00


Calibre: .22



This solid nice quality rifle is a gas ram power plant sytem using the Theoben invented gas ram and is marked Theoben on one side of the breach block. Fitted with a Nikko Sterling silver crown 4x40 scope in a one piece mount. The rifle is in good condition the metal work retaining all its original bluing, the stock has some surface marks and scratches commensurate with a little use. These really do shoot nicely. Also we can supply this with a left hand stock for £50 extra if required instead of the fitted right hand stock.

Stock No: 3856

Price: £145.00

Year: c1977

Calibre: .22



This classic air rifle which has the longest production run of any individual airgun model and is still in production today is in very good condition retaining most of its original bluing. Fitted with its original open sights, single sided safety catch, shoots nice and smoothly at about 10 foot pounds. The stock has a few very minor surface marks and scratches and a couple of knocks above the trigger guard area on one side. A good hunting rifle always know these to be nice and accurate gubs.

Stock No: 3864

Price: £85.00

Year: 1970s

Calibre: .22



This very solidly made East German rifle is in superb condition the metal work retaining all its original deep glossy blue. It really do look nice! There are a couple of small marks to the thin lacquer of the stock mostly on bottom of pistol grip, overall a superb example. Nice quality adjustable sights, auto safety catch that locks the trigger, the rifle produces about 6 foot pounds and shoots quite smoothly having recently had a good coat of grease. It was as dry as a dry bone. Dem bones dem bones. Screw heads are perfect, overall a really nice example.


Price: £250.00

Year: c1988

Calibre: .22



This rare variation of the Webley Tracker is in excellent virtually as new condition retaining all its original finish. No scope has ever been fitted, there is no rear sight fitted, it is fitted with a Webley name badge, the stock is in perfect condition and the little warning label which is very valuable and fragile is present and correct indicating its an original black stock. Fitted with a muzzle weight this has a fair amount of twang when you shoot it but it produces about 10.5 foot pounds. A nice rare item in collector’s condition.

Stock No: 3883

Price: £150.00

Year: 1974-77

Calibre: .177 and .22


HAWK mark 2

This rifle represents what must truly be the low point of British air gun engineering. This one is in its original box with 2 barrels which is nice to have, 1 in .177 the other in .22. The original front sight that was on it has broken as they all did because they were plastic and they split so we have replaced it with a metal one which came about with the Webley Vulcan and is of the same design but does not break. The original broken sight is included and could possibly be glued and reused. The rifle is in fairly good condition with some slight rust marking and thinning og the bluing to one of the barrels, the .22 one.

Stock has some wear to the pistol grip where it has been held but does not indicate lots of use it is just that the lacquering is such poor quality that it quickly wears through to show the much lighter coloured wood  beneath. The safety catch works which is quite unusual as these are prone to breaking, the rifle shoots ok nothing special about the performance of these, it is just nice to have an original one in its original box with both barrels.

Complete in its box with original hanging tag and instruction leaflet. An example of poor quality British air gun manufacture. Not designed to last to the year 2018.

Also with the original allen key and tag used for fitting  the barrels, front sight and adjusting the trigger.

Stock No: 3922

Price: £115.00

Year: 1960s or 70s

Calibre: .177



In excellent near new condition retaining all its original finish to the metal work. Stock is also excellent with just a few very light marks to it. Very effective barrel lock up, solid made Polish product which shoots at a very consistent power though only 4 foot pounds. It feels easy to cock so we suspect the spring is weak.