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Protek Army Surplus

This is how army surplus should be...

Protek Surplus stock a huge range of ex-army military equipment and clothing. We specialise in British kit, but also stock an extensive range of both new and used, sourced from all over the world.

At Protek Surplus you will be pleasantly surprised and absolutely amazed. In our shop you will find both surplus and new clothing and boots. To us, surplus means clean, excellent condition and well sorted gear. From trousers to T shirts, socks, jackets, pullovers and boots you will find almost anything you need.

Army boots are comfortable, durable and excellent value for money (we don’t like the word cheap, that indicates low quality). We try to stock new and used so you have a choice of new perfect condition or used (usually in very good condition). Cadets often prefer used as their feet are growing quicker than the boots wear out! We keep British army assault boots new and used, German para boots, Goretex lined pro boots and many others.


On the subject of boots and footwear, we keep several styles of boots that are designed specifically for security use. Alpha boots are a high leg design with cordura sides and offer a speed lace system for putting them on in a hurry. Mid cut Alpha boots have similar features but are a lower cut. Delta boots are a high leg design with all leather uppers offering water proof performance.

Our range of security products covers belt pouch systems with dozens of pouches to suit every need, and we do walky talkies, head sets and radio accessories. We also have a BRILLIANT range of torches including Maglites and LED torches. We even stock hand cuffs and speed cuffs.

British soldier 95 pattern

British tropical

British camo lined

British lightweight

British dessert pattern

Dutch camo

Flektarn pattern

Siss alpenflage

M65 rip stop USA olive

M65 ripstop USA black

M65 rip stop USA blue

M65 rip stop USA beige

M65 USA pattern olive

M65 USA pattern black

M65 USA pattern blue

M65 USA pattern beige

Camo rip stop pattern

British oak tree pattern

Red camo

Yellow camo

Orange camo

Night blue camo

Urban (black/white) camo

U.S.A. Choc chip desert camo

German moleskin type

Waterproof camo

Waterproof & breathable (Goretex)

RAF blue waterproof

German thermal mountain

We also keep a good selection of

Realtree, Advantage timber,

Mossy Oak, Hardwoods green etc

Austrian quilted Trousers


Dutch combat

Dutch 1950s para trooper jacket

(DENISON style)

Dutch Goretex lined

Dutch Goretex unlined

Dutch light weight shirt type

German parka type olive

German flektarn parka unlined

Italian light weight combat

Austrian Goretex combat

Swedish hooded smock

Swedish heavy parka coat

Swedish M90 parka

American M65 style camo

American M65 style olive

American fish tail parka + hood

American night camo parka

American Goretex coat

MA-1 flying type jackets (sage green,

black, maroon, urban)

Swiss Alpenflauge camo


66 pattern lined

85 pattern

90 pattern temperate

Soldier 95 rip stop

Para smock

Wind proof smock

SAS/marines smock

DPM PVC waterproof

MVP (moisture vapour

permeable Goretex type)

Desert DPM

Air crew flying jacket

British olive GS

British number 2 sand colour

British soldier 95

British DPM tropical

British desert camo

British Norwegian shirt (Norgie) olive

British Norwegian shirt, royal navy blue

British RAF shirt

Royal navy shirt

Dutch DPM

German flektarn camo

German moleskin

German flektarn windproof over shirt

German olive green windproof over shirt

White security/police


Check the list...

Kit bags, rucksacks, Bergens, haversacks, shoulder bags, respirator bags, dry sacks, bergen covers, compression bags, duffle bags, nap sacks, back packs, bivi bags,PLCE pouches, utility belts, utility pouches, lunch bags, tool bags, sleeping bags, shoulder bags, medics bags, first aid bags, tent bags, stuff sacks, utility bags, world war 2 gas mask bags, respirator sacks, glasses cases, hide bags, bread bags, sea sack, webbing bags, webbing pouches, waterproof bags, map cases, knife pouches, wash kit bags, laundry bags, gun bags, rifle bags, holsters, magazine pouches, holdalls, tactical packs, fishing bags, tool rolls, game bags, satchels, bumbags, 37 pattern back packs, 37 pattern side packs, survival bags, orange survival bags, Goretex bivi bags, waterproof bivi bags, pistol cases, muddy boot bags. Thats all the bags we can think of. For details give us a ring.

We now have MTP camo, the latest army pattern, masses of stock, best prices.

MTP (multi terrain pattern)

MTP (multi terrain pattern)

MTP (multi terrain pattern)

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