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Antique & classic air pistols 2

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HARRINGTON GATS for interested persons.

Two different “last” model GATs with safety catches. Note the differences. One has “F” and “S” stamped in to it the other one (top of picture) has “FIRE” and an “S” raised above the level of the casting and the word “GAT” put in to the pistol and also the screw holding the 2 halves together is through the grip on different sides on each version. We are not sure which one is earlier we suspect the lower one is older than the top one. Both were sold in this country by Harrington and this was before they were produced in America. Both say “Made in England” and both have “J101” with F in pentagon on the other side which is identical apart from the grip screw hole. Also we notice that the cork holder on the tip of the barrel has a coarser knurling on the top one.

Stock No: 3517

Price: £260.00

Year: 1950s

Calibre: .177



In very good condition, in one of our reproduction boxes.

Beautifully made replicas of Webley boxes from yesteryear,

 ideal for collectors.



Stock number

3754 Webley Premier F series, c1973, very good condition, shoots well .22 £140.00 SOLD

Stock number

3755 Webley Senior c1950’s, very good condition, good working order .22 £170.00 SOLD

Stock number

3736 Diana mark 4, good condition, 1963, .177 £62.00 SOLD

Stock number

3734 EM-GE ZENIT, c1930’s, fair original complete condition, .177 rifled £135.00


Stock number

3706 CROSMAN 1322 MEDALIST, new valve seals fitted, very good condition, pump up, c1988 £75.00 SOLD

Stock number

3728 ORIGINAL 6G, TARGET, new seals, very good condition, .177, totally recoilless £145.00SOLD

Stock number

3756 WEBLEY TEMPEST, very good condition, powerful, .22 c1980’s £122.00 SOLD

Stock number

3737 DOLLA antique c1920s, good order, original breech screw, some wear to nickel finish, .177 £94.00 SOLD

Stock number 3732 WEBLEY SENIOR .22 boxed superb condition, early 60’s made. This most classic well engineered pistol is in its original box, the metal work is in very near new condition. Unfortunately  the plastic grips have been broken on the corners and a glued repair made. At the same time the grips seem to have been fully stuck on with glue. During its service we could not remove them. A real shame otherwise this is a near mint pistol. The box is a little battered and worn on the edges but is complete. A very nice collector’s item and also shoots superbly. Obviously had very little use. £230.00






Price: £340.00

Year:  1950

Calibre: .22



This early Crosman co2 pistol is in excellent near new condition just a couple of very tiny marks to the paintwork on the cylinder. It is in its original box with instruction manual and other paperwork. Also with its filling cylinder which is empty. When we first obtained this pistol we did fire a couple of shots from it and then the gas ran out and the bulk fill cylinder is also empty. We gather it is possible to fill these using adapters with fire extinguishers etc but we can give no guarantee about it as we have not studied the matter. A nice collector’s item which has made its way here from America at some stage. Box is in fairly good condition little bit of wear to the edges and corners having been slightly sellotaped together.


Price: £160.00

Year:  1950s

Calibre: .177



This nice example is in very good condition retaining nearly all its original deep glossy bluing and it is in its original box which is in fair condition with a component parts list and an old target. A very nice collector’s item that shoots absolutely fine with a good spring fitted. Not had very much use.

Stock No 4079

Price: £44.00

Year: 1970's

Calibre: .177



In near new condition in its original box, the box has suffered a bit being that it is only a thin bit of cardboard but it has obviously had very little use with its original inserter pin. This is a very late Milbro Diana product.

Stock No 4308

Price: £58.00

Year:  c1970s

Calibre: .177



This dinkey little pistol is in excellent near new condition in its original box with instructions and cleaning brush. Fully adjustable open sights, a rifled barrel although the rifling is some of the lightest we have ever seen. A nice plinking pistol, also collectable in this condition.

SOLD 0719

Stock No 4236

Price: £335.00

Year:  Early 1970's

Calibre: .177



This classic pistol is in excellent near new condition, it cocks and shoots perfectly. This is a late example in a foam lined has its original cleaning rod and spare sight accessories and instruction manual. The cocking aid is a modern made replacement which functions the same as the original one it would have had. The box is in fairly good condition but it has split at each corner (the lid). Otherwise a really nice collectable and shhotable item.

Stock No: 3715

Price: £65.00

Year: 1970s

Calibre: .177



This Italian made pistol dating from the 1970s is actually quite a bit better quality than the RO71 and 72  which were made by a different Italian company. We are not saying it is high quality however. This example is in good condition with some paint loss to the painted finish but is in its original box with plastic tray and outer lid. This made by a firm called Modesto Molgora of Mondial and we have not had many of these in the shop over the years. Looking at it there is even a certain amount of style to shaping of the pistol grip and breach area. Better than its compatriots.