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This is a superb glossy reproduction 22 page booklet in the French language featuring Giffard rifles and accessories presumably from around 1895 to 1900. With a full colour card cover and some interesting information, the pictures are in English!

Top picture shows front cover, middle picture shows rear cover and the bottom picture shows the booklet open.

£14.00 plus post.



A big bundle of owner,s manuals mainly Sportsmarketing, Hatsan,and Crosman, some old  (1996-2020) some more recent. £10.00 plus £5 post, PHONE TO ORDER 01243 824284


These are a collection of instruction manuals etc that we have. For size reference the background is a A4 folder opened out. Each one is given an item number and price underneath. Postage is the standard rate of £3.90 for whatever quantity, postage is added automatically by Paypal. When ordering please use the item number that starts with an “L”

Item number L2 from 125/210mm  size, has tea  mug ring and some hand  arithmetic writing on it. £4.00 SOLD Item number L3 pre war  From1938. 100/165mm Size  £25.00 SOLD Item number L4  150/230mm complete But some tears on creases C1930 mark 1 pistol and Rifle etc £35.00 SOLD Item number L5  Webley Junior component list (Prices in ye old pounds and Shillings) Sub A4 size. £4.00 SOLD Item number L6 227 by 150mm size Opens out to 550mm Shows revolvers/signal pistols And anti riot pistols.  £10.00 SOLD Item number L8 How to buy/use archery gear Separate leaflet with old prices 130 by 220mm size  £10.00 SOLD Item number L9  Advertisement for Victor Vulcan and Vulcan Deluxe 150 by 210mm Both sides of same  thing shown £5.00 Item number L10 15 pages includes Parts list and numbers 118 by 178mm size  £15.00 Item number L11  How to buy and use double Barrels 190 by 128mm opens Out to 4x as wide £5.00 Item number L12 Detailed drawing and instructions 128 by 205mm opens out 4x as wide.  £8.00 Item number L7  Brochure of BSA hunting rifles A little bigger than A4 size £10.00 SOLD Item number L14 128 by 200mm size Advert one side, instructions The other side.  £4.00 SOLD Item number L15 Webley mk3 care and  Maintenance. 12 pages With parts diagram. 120 by 180mm size  £20.00 SOLD Item number L16 Average size of each 140 by 215mm  5 in this pack plus a bonus! £12.00 for all Item number L17 Pellets and target holders Very early Webley Advert. A4 size. Photocopy. £1.00 SOLD Item number L18 Instruction for FWB300S 145 by 140mm 30 pages  £12.00 (we may have have more than one of these In stock) Item number L13 Single barrel shot guns 185 by 128mm opens up To 4x as wide.  £5.00 SOLD Item number L20 Single sided A4 size  £4.00 SOLD Item number L21 Care and maintenance  128 by 205mm pulls out To 4 times as wide with Drawing and parts list  £4.00 Item number L22  Care and maintanence 150 by 210mm 4 pages plus Pull out diagram/parts list Dated 1973 £4.00 Item number L23 Owners manual for all webley  Spring air rifles 150 by 210mm 8 pages Leaflet dated around 2010 Valumax, Tomahawk and  Longbow  £3.00 Item number L24 150 by 210mm opens to 8x  Bigger. Exploded view and parts List. For 1st series Vulcan Opens out to a big poster Of Webley rifles.  £10.00 SOLD Item number L19  Product range pamphlet 125 by 190mm opens  To 8x size, mid 1960s Prices! £4.00 Item number L25 150 by 210mm opens out to 8x size Exploded view and parts list plus Adverts for other Webley rifles.  £10.00 SOLD Item number L26  150 by 210mm 20 pages With pull out diagram and Parts listing. £8.00 Item number L27 12 pages with piull out Diagram and parts list 150 by 210mm size  £8.00 Item number L29 105 by 150mm Rifles, pistols, knives, pellets and more. 15 pages.  £3.00 SOLD SOME OF THESE PHOTOS ARE TEMPORARY AND WE ARE UPDATING WITH  BETTER PHOTOS AND MORE INFO

L30 - Care and maintenance of the BSA Scorpion air pistol leaflet, A5 size, unfolds to A4 with exploded diagram and parts list. £2.00 SOLD

L31 - Park rifle RH91 handbook. A5 size 10 pages. ££10.00 SOLD

L32 - Original Model 45 air rifle advertising brochure A5 size opens out double that size. £5.00 SOLD

L33 - Feinwerkbau Sport model instructions and exloded diagram, 105mm by 150mm opens out 4 times as long printed double sided. £12.00 SOLD

L34 - NEMESIS owners manual 125mm by 55mm opens out many times bigger with lots of info including pics and exploded diagram and parts list. £3.00 SOLD

L35 - P45 and P55 Chinese Lion rifles instructions in Chinglish. Has some nice diagrams and looks like it was written on a dodgy ancient type writer! Nice colourful cover with a very nice gold colour embossed LION BRAND logo top right corner. 175mm by 127mm £3.00 SOLD


We have loads and loads more pamphlets, instruction manuals and sales brochures similar to what you see here, we plan to list them in time. You are welcome to pop in to our shop and see them and purchase them.

~~~ Most parts in stock for dispatch usually same day ~~~

~~~ Flat rate postage charge of £3.90 (air guns  £12.00 to send) ~~~

Air guns can not be ordered by Paypal. Phone us to place order using credit/debit card. Barrels, pistons and air guns later than 1939 can only be sent to a registered fire arms dealer. Postage rates shown for UK if outside of UK contact us first. 01243 824284

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Reproduction of c1912 BSA catalogue, 50 pages, A4 size, with all air rifles, sighting optics and accessories. Superb information, nice quality paperback publication.

£19 plus £3 post.

Phone to order 01243 824284