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01243 827500

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Here is a list of the sort of thing we are looking to purchase from you. Phone us 01243 827500 or email pictures to proteksupplies@btconnect.com

GAT pistols - all conditions

Harrington GAT rifles

BSA Airsporter Stutzen models

Lincoln Jeffries underlever rifles

BSA LJ/improved model B/D rifles

BSA Standard and light model underlever rifles

Any BSA air rifle in .25 calibre

Webley mark 1 and 2 Service rifles

Daisy 722 and 747 sidelever pistols

Original/Diana 72junior target rifles


Sidelever match rifles -

FWB300, Walther LGR, Original 75, Anshutz 275 etc


BSA Magnum 240 pistol

BSA Supersport custom any calibre

Milbro Diana G71, G55 and G46 Targetmaster

Daisy model 25 pump action bb

Any BSF air guns

Quackenbush airguns - all models

Any Relum air rifles in as new condition

WaltherLP52/53/LP2/LP3 air pistols

Langanan Millita/Precision style air rifles

Relum Super Tornado air rifles

Feinwerkbau 124/127 Sport air rifles

Crosman 600/677 CO2 pistols

Air Arms pro elite and pro-sport air rifles

Air Arms TX200 SR

Park RH91 and RH93

Sterling HR83


Any home made/prototype spring air rifles(no matter how crude/odd)


We are also looking for military bayonets and knives.